In LETI laboratory of computer mathematics will be created

In LETI laboratory of computer mathematics will be created

From 4 to 10 February, 2015 famous Austrian scientist Bruno Buchberger visited our university.

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From 4 to 10 February, 2015 famous Austrian scientist Bruno Buchberger, Professor of Computer Mathematics of Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria) visited our university at the invitation of rector of ETU "LETI" V.M. Kutuzov.

On the first day of the visit Buchberger conducted  talks on the establishment of laboratory of computer mathematics in LETI with the rector and representatives of ETU Department of Computer Science and Technology as well as invited experts from St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg Branch of Steklov Institute of Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Applied Astronomy of Academy of Sciences.

The foreign guest shared his own philosophy of computer mathematics. According to Buchberger, "driving force" is a small group of experts in the field of technology interested in carrying out of basic research and in finding ways of their practical application as well as in motivating of team of scientists.

The meeting finished with signing of Cooperation Agreement between ETU and Research Institute for Symbolic Computation at the University of Johannes Kepler (Linz, Austria) providing the establishment of LETI laboratory of computer mathematics, conducting of joint research, mutual visits of professors, exchange of students and graduate students as well as joint participation in international projects.

On February 9 Bruno Buchberger delivered a public lecture on topic of “The Role of Computer Mathematics for Innovation of Research, Education and Economy”.

The speaker shared with the audience his experience of creation and development of his main projects: Institute of symbolic computing (RISC) and Technology park Hagenberg. At the core of the ideology of Bruno Buchberger is a so-called innovative chain "Research - Science - Economy".  Fundamental knowledge plays the leading role in the process since with their help it’s much easier to develop the final product. According to Bruno Buchberger, students should aspire to have a wide range of basic knowledge on the one hand, and on the other to be able to find their application in solving real problems. At the same time young professionals need international experience such as publications in international magazines, conferences, trips and internships at the world famous enterprises.

At the end of the lecture Bruno Buchberger invited students to participate in master's programs at the University of Johannes Kepler and answered few questions from the audience.

"Today computer mathematics comes to the forefront so we asked Professor Bruno Buchberger to consider supporting the establishment of special laboratory of computer mathematics in LETI. Famous scientists, teachers and young scientists will pursue this direction both in terms of research and in terms of results transfer in Master's and postgraduate programs, "- said the rector of ETU V.M. Kutuzov.

"It’s a big honor for me to be here. I am convinced that science, mathematics, research and teaching are important in the development of our society and universities play an important role in this process. Every professor has a high responsibility before society. I'm really glad that I will help the development of computer mathematics in the world-famous University LETI,"- shared his impressions of the visit to ETU Bruno Buchberger.

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