Improving the Ecology Using Steam

Improving the Ecology Using Steam

LETI scientists and industrial partners proposed the pyrolysis technology for waste processing. The Public Environmental Council under the Governor of the Leningrad Region chose it for development in the region.

13.01.2022 343

The Public Environmental Council under the Governor of the Leningrad Region announced the results of the competition of environmentally friendly waste recycling technologies for the Leningrad region. Regional authorities, experts, and public representatives recognized the pyrogasification method using high-temperature superheated steam as the most suitable for the region.

"Waste sorting, which is a priority, does not allow us to separate all fractions of waste. Waste-sorting complexes will not be able to solve this problem either. Pyrolysis is a universal method of destroying "tailings." Its essence is a separation of useful elements from biomass using thermal gasification," Yuri Shevchuk, the Chairman of the Public Environmental Council under the Governor of Leningrad Region, noted at the meeting.

"This is not a cheap technology, which, even if not immediately, but in the future development of the waste management system, will allow us to maintain an ideal balance between the interests of residents, the state, and the business involved in the process. It allows completely avoiding residual "tailings."

Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region

The pyrogasification technology is developed and implemented by Fuel Ecological Company LLC and Technological Systems and Complexes LLC with the participation of employees and graduates of ETU "LETI." The team includes Vyacheslav Ivanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Radio Engineering Electronics, and Dmitry Sidorenko, Head of the Educational Center for Waste Recycling at the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering.

Researchers created a zero-waste, environmentally friendly waste processing technology, which utilizes high-temperature atmospheric pressure water steam at 600 - 1000 °С. This solution made it possible to make a breakthrough in pyrolytic decomposition technology.

Scientists managed to get rid of such inherent problems of pyrolysis as the formation of resins and paraffin and significantly improve the quality of pyrolysis products - gas, carbon, and liquid fuel. The gas obtained after waste processing has a high fuel value and hydrogen content, which opens up the prospects of using this technology in the hydrogen energy industry as well.

Both recent graduates of LETI and students of 4-6 years of the university take part in the work on the project. This gives the students an opportunity not only to improve their engineering knowledge and skills but also to make a significant contribution to solving social and environmental challenges in the region.