Immersing in Russian Culture: Participants from 20 Countries Will Study at LETI Summer Schools

Immersing in Russian Culture: Participants from 20 Countries Will Study at LETI Summer Schools

80 students from 20 countries will develop the skills needed to communicate in a Russian-speaking environment and discover the gems of Russian culture in intensive courses at First Electrotechnical.


On 1 August, summer Russian language schools for international students started at LETI. The main goal of the courses will be to immerse participants in the language environment and use the acquired knowledge in communication with native speakers.

A total of 80 people from France, Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Argentina, Nigeria, Poland, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zambia, India, Czech Republic, Iraq, Cote d'Ivoire, Mongolia, Romania, Syria, Tanzania, and Jordan will take part in the language schools of the International Students Office and the Department of Russian Language of LETI.

The summer schools will take place in a hybrid format: 7 students will join the project online. The training is implemented in two areas: until 31 August, there will be an "Intensive Course of Russian Language and Social Adaptation" and until 16 August - "Gems of Russian Culture in Russian Language." The first program will be attended by 74 participants, the second by 6. Both programs include lessons on the basics of the Russian language and an introduction to the cultural heritage of Russia.

"We are glad that we are able to bring together representatives of different countries and cultures for Russian language classes at LETI once again. Interest in Russian culture, Russia's historical heritage, and St. Petersburg's sights persist in different parts of the world. Despite the difficulties, people come to us from everywhere. We see that our efforts are not in vain, as many people choose LETI for language courses, although there are plenty of offers. Some of them come here not for the first time, which speaks about the decent level of the program. The main effect of summer schools is that the feedback from participants attracts their fellow countrymen, classmates, and fellow students to the main programs."

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Students Office of LETI

As the second course is only two weeks long, most of the classes will be held outside the university, in an urban environment, to accelerate the learning of conversational Russian.

The participants of the summer schools have already got acquainted with the course program and had a tour of the university and the Alexander Popov Memorial Museum. After classes on the basics of the Russian language and culture, they took part in a walking tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The schools' program also included visits to the Hermitage, the Peterhof Museum, and the Tsarskoye Selo Museum, as well as film screenings, picnics, and quizzes.

The students will enjoy an intense program and a ceremonial awarding of certificates at the end of the course.

This is the second stage of LETI's Russian language summer schools in 2023. In June, 16 students from Romania, Moldavia, China, Algeria, Tanzania, and Nigeria were trained on two programs: "Intensive Russian Language Course for Beginners" and "Russian Language and Cultural Heritage of Russia."