Happy Russian Student Day!

Happy Russian Student Day!

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of LETI, congratulates students of First Electrotechnical on Russian Student Day.

25.01.2023 415

Dear undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of LETI! Dear friends!

I warmly congratulate you on Russian Student Day!

Throughout the history of the First Electrotechnical University, the students of LETI have been distinguished by their attitude to life, determination, and industriousness, as well as their unique LETI character.

These qualities help you study well and excel, take your first steps in science, be part of social projects, and win art festivals and sports events. At LETI, we try to create all the conditions for your self-realization and success.

Today, among you, there are the best students of St. Petersburg, winners of Olympiads and scholarship competitions, champions of Russia and the world. Despite difficulties and external challenges, you set ambitious goals, take responsibility for your duties, and carry the title of LETI student with dignity.

We're proud of your accomplishments that help the university thrive.

Today, LETI is one of the leading universities in Russia, the winner of the Priority 2030 program, and is developing very dynamically. I am sure that our big team - the team of students, professors, and employees of LETI - has many new victories ahead!

Just recently, we celebrated LETI Teachers' Day, and you congratulated your favorite professors. I know that you appreciate their work, energy, and experience - they do everything to ensure that you master advanced areas and become sought-after specialists, real drivers of the economic development of St. Petersburg, Russia, and the world. Today, I would like to convey to you the congratulations of all the faculty members of the university.

For many of you, today's holiday coincides with the end of the winter exams and the beginning of the holidays. I am sure that most of you have passed your exams. For those of you who continue taking them, I wish you success.

I wish you a joyful celebration of the holiday, and that you rest and gain strength during the vacations. Let your student years at LETI be a cheerful, happy, and unforgettable time in your life. Study, dream, set high goals and win!

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of LETI