Gems of Russian culture in the Russian language

Gems of Russian culture in the Russian language

11 students from Cyprus and Greece participated in the summer language school at ETU “LETI”.

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“Gems of Russian culture in the Russian language” is a new summer course that is designed by ETU to improve Russian ability and recognition of Russian culture in international students. Participants of this summer school are learning the basics of the Russian language and visiting various cultural events and go on excursions.

This year the course started on July 2nd and will end on July 12th. 11 students of University of Nicosia from Cyprus and Greece came to ETU. Upon completion of the course they will receive academic certificates.

ETU has first introduced this unique summer school that offers training of both of the Russian language and culture and gives international students an opportunity to acquire language skills and adjust to the new sociocultural environment. The international students were mostly interested in speaking practice – the possibility to listen to Russian natives and speak Russian that is why some lessons were held in the streets of St. Petersburg. Students attended museums and churches, got acquainted with sights, walked in parks, visited cafes.

“The main perk of this program is diving into the Russian-speaking environment”.

Irina L. Shershneva, professor of the Department of Russian Language at ETU

According to Irina L. Shershneva, the main difficulty was that students had different Russian proficiency levels. But this fact did not hinder success of this program.

Students did not only learn grammar rules, work on simple dialogues and broke down especially difficult issues that occurred in the course of the conversation in Russian, but sang songs from cartoons and played various games.

“Unfortunately we do not have time for everything. Still, we sing songs and discuss various idioms that we see in study texts. Boys and girls remember such idioms and phrases easily. But the thing they are interested in primarily is grammar issues that their Cyprian professors do not get into“.

Irina L. Shershneva, professor of the Department of Russian Language at ETU

Students visited the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, went on a sight-seeing tour around St. Petersburg and marveled at the beauty of Peterhof fountains. The first day was dedicated to the excursion around Popov Museum-Laboratory.

The summer school has been organized by the International Student’s Office of ETU for the eighth time. The Russian as a foreign language study program takes different proficiency levels of students into account and provides the international students with the opportunity to start learning the Russian language, upgrade their knowledge of Russian, speak Russian and get ready for studying at main educational programs of Russian universities in Russian.

ETU offers three basic programs of Russian as a foreign language: for beginners (А1 level); intensive course for returning students (А2-В1 level), and intensive course for Master’s and Postgraduate level students (В2-С1 level).