Foreign students’ year-end assembly

Foreign students’ year-end assembly

Celebration of the end of academic year for foreign students took place on July 5 at ETU “LETI”.

12.07.2016 211

Celebration of the end of academic year for foreign students took place on July 5 at ETU “LETI”. The event started with musical performance by Vietnamese students who showed the audience their skills of Russian language by singing a Song about anxious youth.

Head of International Students Office Irina A. Shakhova and Head of Preparatory Department for foreign students Renat A. Yalishev delivered certificates to Preparatory Department graduates as well as letters to those who graduated from the baccalaureate, magistracy and Preparatory Department with honors.

This year exemplary masters became Saif Altimimi (FEL, Iraq), Muhammad Moutanna (FKTI, Yemen), Ilona Davidovich (FKTI, Estonia) and Fabien Shikama (FIBS, Ruanda). FIBS student Eliakim Mbazumutima from Burundi graduated from the baccalaureate with distinction.

40 students from 21 countries, including Venezuela, Vietnam, Egypt, Italy, Kenya, Macedonia, Nigeria, Syria, the United States, South Korea and many others became graduates of the Preparatory Department. 11 exemplary graduates received their certificates of achievement.

Foreign students who have been actively involved in the cultural and sports life of the university were awarded by diplomas. GF student from Vietnam Dam Quynh Anh and Nigerian FEA student Anthony Babadzhide were awarded for active participation in the cultural life of the university. Student from Kazakhstan Evgeniy Putrin was awarded for success in the swimming competition as well as Belorussian FIBS student Elena Pilipchuk received a diploma for success in fencing.