First-Year Students Switch to a Blended Learning

First-Year Students Switch to a Blended Learning

From October 21, first-year students of the Bachelor's and Specialist's degree will start performing laboratory works in classrooms.

15.10.2020 72

Starting from October 21, 2020, laboratory classes in physics and chemistry for first-year students of Bachelor's and Specialist's programs at tech faculties will be resumed offline.

Students will have a special schedule of laboratory works. All other classes will take place online according to the main timetable.

"First-year students have just started their studies at ETU "LETI." It is extremely important for us to give them fundamental knowledge in physics and chemistry, as it is the basis for successful mastery of major subjects in the next courses."

Sergey Galunin, the Director of the Department of Education of ETU "LETI"

Students in other courses will switch to blended learning later. Keep track of changes to class schedules and news on the website.

The ETU "LETI" administration will make the decision on the full return of students to full-time study based on data on the epidemiological situation in St. Petersburg.