Fall Semester and Winter Exams Will Be Held Remotely at ETU "LETI"

Fall Semester and Winter Exams Will Be Held Remotely at ETU

The Rector of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" issued an order to transfer students of all courses of the university to distance learning until February 6, 2021.

13.11.2020 268

From November 16, 2020, to February 6, 2021, all classes in all educational programs will be conducted remotely following the training schedule and class timetable.

"The ETU "LETI" administration always makes decisions to help save the health of students and employees as much as possible. The current epidemiological situation does not allow us to continue blended learning with practice-oriented classes on the campus. The administration and teaching staff of the university will make every effort to maintain the quality of education at the highest level. The accumulated experience in the application of modern technologies will make distance learning quite effective."

Sergey Galunin, Director of the Department of Education of ETU "LETI"

By November 20, the heads of departments will present to the Education Organization Office the list of subjects and laboratory works that cannot be held remotely. The office will consider the expediency of changing the terms and forms of such laboratory works by November 27.

The heads of departments will make all necessary changes to the curriculum by December 1.

Tests and exams in the fall semester of the current academic year will be conducted only remotely according to the approved schedule. The timing of the credit week, the winter exams, and the holidays will remain unchanged. 

Students with unfulfilled program requirements will have new exams online.

From November 13 to December 4, 2020, the time when a student is on the road to his/her permanent residence will be considered as a valid reason for skipping classes.