ETU "LETI" rockets up the Round University Ranking


St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" has risen by 94 positions in the world Round University Rankings 2020.

21.05.2020 1351

Russian RUR Rankings Agency has published world institutional Round University Ranking (RUR) 2020. 829 universities from 71 countries took part in RUR 2020.

Steadily marching up the ranking in the last two years, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" has moved up 94 places to 582nd place in the world rankings. Among Russian universities, the university took 18th place, climbing 12 positions.

The data for the rating is provided by Clarivate Analytics, which owns the Web of Science database, as part of the Global Institutional Profiles Project. This year, the universities submitted data for 2017 on the number of students, graduates and lecturers, as well as financial indicators. The new version of the ranking took into account publications in the Web of Science made from 2013 to 2017 and their citations from 2013 to 2018. Also, Clarivate Analytics conducted a reputation survey.

ETU "LETI" achieved the highest increase of 42.1 rating points in the number of doctoral degrees per admitted PhD, moving up by 340 places on this metric. The second-largest advancement was the share of international students (+130 places). The third-largest success in the rankings was achieved due to the increase in reputation indicators: reputation outside region (+11.3 points), world teaching reputation (+10.5 points), and world research reputation (+7.8 points). There is also a rise of 75 places in institutional income per student.

"The progress in world rankings shows the hard work of many departments of the university. RUR is based on official international data provided by Clarivate Analytics, so our advancement in this ranking is positive information."

Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of ETU "LETI"

Over the past two years, ETU "LETI" achieved a stable increase in RUR. Since 2018, the university has risen 112 positions from 694th to 582nd. During the same period, ETU "LETI" moved up 17 positions among Russian universities from 35th to 18th. In 2020, among the participants of the Project 5-100, ETU "LETI" has the third-largest increase in Research (+12.4 points), the fifth in Teaching (+5.4 points) and International Diversity (+7 points), and the sixteenth in Financial Sustainability (+4.3 points).

A total of 829 universities from around the world are represented in RUR 2020. The top three are Harvard University, California Institute of Technology (both in the US), and Imperial College London (UK). Out of 82 Russian universities, 18 are members of the Project 5-100.