ETU "LETI" Ranked Among the Best Universities in Russia According to Students


According to the Russian Universities through the Eyes of Students survey, ETU "LETI" has received the Green Mark award for the fifth time in a row.

04.02.2021 130

The Social Navigator of Russia Today agency and the Tabiturient project presented the results of the sixth annual Russian Universities through the Eyes of Students survey, based on an analysis of student feedback.

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" received the Green Mark, an award to providers of quality educational services based on feedback from 2015-2020. That is the fifth consecutive time the university has received the trophy.

ETU "LETI" got 8.8 points out of 10 possible based on the analysis of feedback and an anonymous survey of students and employees. The highest rating was the convenience of the campus location (8.75 points). Other university achievements are the condition and equipment of the campus and the quality of education, catering, work of the administration, and additional activities.

In their reviews, users of the Tabituent portal note the professionalism of ETU "LETI" professors, extensive opportunities for research and participation in international exchange programs, and internship and employment prospects at partner companies.

"The fifth Green Mark from the students is a well-deserved appreciation of the work of the entire university staff. Teachers and employees do their best not only to train modern highly-qualified specialists in in-demand areas but also to create a youth-friendly environment at ETU "LETI." Today, the university is developing innovative research and academic ecosystem that allows individualized training of researchers and engineers and a youth policy that promotes versatile personality and professional development."

Olga Ivanova, Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs and Public Relations of ETU "LETI"

The ranking analyzes so-called "leaks," detailed reviews of universities posted by users of the Tabiturient website, students, professors, university staff, and people familiar with the situation.

Each "leak" goes through several stages of verification. At the first stage, the website editors eliminate unreasonable and suspicious reviews and post approved texts on the VK page of the Tabituent project. By voting, the page members determine whether to trust this opinion or not. Then the authors of the rankings decide on including the feedback in the evaluation of the university. Each "leak" has its weight - the number of people who supported the review. Thus, a university's ranking depends not only on the number of positive, neutral, or negative "leaks" but also on the number of users who agree with the opinion.

Then, organizers calculate the index using a formula, which translates into a mark on a ten-point scale. Universities that have received more than 8,5 points get the Green Mark.

The Russian Universities through the Eyes of Students 2021 survey involved 267 state universities and 4 branches. The experts processed more than 3400 pages of texts with reviews and analyzed more than 78 thousand ratings. 17 universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg received the Green Mark.