ETU "LETI" Master's program Laser Technologies has a quality mark from graduates


The fourth graduation of masters of the English-taught program Laser Technologies took place at the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems. 5 students from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan successfully defended their theses.

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In 2015, the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems launched the English-taught Master's program Laser Technologies (until 2019, Laser Measurement Technologies). The program is based on the research and development at the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems in such fields as laser dynamic goniometry, optical gyroscopes, laser measuring systems, holography, and adaptive optics. One of the main activities of the department is training specialists to develop high-precision laser measuring devices, holography systems, and adaptive optics.

The main subjects that Master's students have been studying for two years are wave optics, optical systems and components, laser engineering, optoelectronics, laser radiation control, laser systems, optical radiation receivers, and the fundamentals of nonlinear optics. During the course, students get skills in practical work with modern laser techniques and laser measurement equipment. They have an opportunity to carry out research during the development of new laser measuring devices and systems.

 "We pay great attention to laser communication systems, laser information processing systems, holographic sensors and systems, adaptive optics. The especially important and topical area is fiber-optic systems for information transmission, which currently determine the parameters of the modern Internet. It is these systems that transfer information at high speeds and, thanks to their specifications, we now have the opportunity to watch movies on the Internet in excellent quality and enjoy the huge opportunities of the network. The important role of the program is also that modern achievements of laser technologies provide such significant stages in the development of humankind as the registration of gravity waves, which opened a new way to cognize the universe: gravitational wave astronomy."

Yuri Filatov, Head of Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems of ETU "LETI"

Aleksandr Sevryugin, the program coordinator, senior lecturer of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems, commends the work of Master's students during the educational process and preparation of theses:

"On the whole, students did well and showed their research skills, even though there were known circumstances. We hope that the ETU "LETI" training will give them a good start in their professional life."

Aleksandr Sevryugin, the program coordinator, senior lecturer of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems of ETU "LETI"

Yuri Filatov also shared his opinion about working with students from other countries: "It is interesting to work with international students, their level of training is different, there are many very good students among them, especially from such countries as Algeria, India, Iran. In general, the international students' attitude to studying is more serious and responsible than among our students, so I am pleased to work with them."

Laser Technologies program already has a large number of alumni from different countries, for whom ETU "LETI" Master's degree was the start of a successful professional career. They have positive feedback on both the ETU "LETI" education process and the teaching staff.

Rahman Ardi from Indonesia, a 2019 graduate, spoke about his favorite ETU "LETI" subjects and the opportunities that the university had provided him:

"I've enjoyed all the classes, but I can say that my favorite subject is Laser Systems. It helped me take a fresh look at a very wide range of laser applications. As for the possibilities, there were quite a lot of them: LETI helped me conduct research at the Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology, which is a great prospect for research in this field. I would like to express my special gratitude to Yuri Filatov, Professor of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems. Thanks to the university, I was able to participate in international conferences (there were two in Italy and Prague)."

Rahman Ardi, the ETU "LETI" graduate

For the first time, the student presented his work at the SPIE OPTICS 2018 Conference at the University of Trento (Italy) in February 2018. The second was the SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2019 conference held in Prague (Czech Republic) in April 2019.

"I can note that LETI provides a good training program, especially in laser metrology. It helped me to grow as a researcher," Rahman Ardi, added.

Mohammed Touil, a 2018 program graduate from Algeria, also appreciates the qualifications of the lecturers and the training in general:

"What was interesting to me was that the program covers using lasers for measurement purposes rather than focusing on the lasers themselves. The special thing about this program is that it combines the science of measurement with the greatest invention of the 20th century, lasers. The advantage was communication with high-level professors who speak English. They don't just teach you, they guide you and give you time to learn on your own, and for me, that is the best way to learn. I would like to highlight Professor Venediktov because without his support and help I would not have been able to get the position that I am currently occupying in France. I am in my second year, and I hope to receive my doctorate by the end of 2021, and for this, I am very grateful to LETI."

Mohammed Touil, the ETU "LETI" graduate

Another 2018 Algerian graduate, Ali Mermoul, talked about the benefits of the program at LETI:

"First, I have acquired many skills: communication, easy use of optical components and objects, quick adaptation, and improvement of technical thinking. Secondly, I am very proud to have been able to learn under the guidance of great optics scientists such as Professor Filatov, Professor Venediktov, and Professor Parfenov. Also, thanks to the support and advice of Professor Parfenov and Professor Venediktov, I received my doctorate in Italy. Moreover, LETI helped me to participate in my first international conference held at the university in 2018. A special advantage was that I was able to live in one of the best cities in Russia, St. Petersburg, and study new culture, which allowed me to adapt more quickly in Italy."

Ali Mermoul, the ETU "LETI" graduate

Overall, Laser Measurement Technologies graduates are successful both in their studies and in their future careers thanks to the high level of training provided by the university and the professors who know and love their job.

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