ETU "LETI" in the national system of qualifications


From September 20 to September 22 St. Petersburg International Innovative Forum took place in Expoforum. It is the largest congress and exhibition action of the Northwest region. Organizer of the event Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg acted with ROSNANO for the first time.

05.10.2017 234

At the stand, organized by Fund of infrastructure and educational programs of RUSNANO, the working zone on representation of system of independent assessment of qualifications in nanotech industry was created. In the first day of the Forum Vice-chairman of Joint Project Company in nanotech industry Olga Kryukova presented to the Governor of Saint Petersburg G.S. Poltavchenko and the Chairman of the board of LLC UK RUSNANO A.B. Chubais the Appraisal centers of qualifications to nanotech industries and told about their activity.

Now Council for professional qualifications in nanotech industry opened only 4 appraisal centers of qualification in Moscow, Zelenograd, Kazan and St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg two platforms function: on the basis of the Plant of Komsomolskaya Pravda – the Appraisal center of qualifications on nanomaterials and on the basis of ETU "LETI" – the Examination center in nanoelectronics. The examination center on the basis of the university is certified by Council for professional qualifications in nanotech industry on holding professional examinations in 8 professional standards:

  • Engineer in the field of design and maintenance of integrated circuits and systems on a crystal;
  • Specialist in functional verification and development of tests of functional control of nanodimensional integrated circuits;
  • Specialist in development of production technology of devices of quantum electronics and photonics;
  • Engineer in the field of development of digital libraries of standard cells and the slozhnofunktsionalnykh of blocks;
  • The specialist in design and service of clean production rooms for micro and nanoelectronic productions";
  • Expert of technical ensuring technological processes of devices of quantum electronics and photonics;
  • Specialist in production technology of systems in the case;
  • Specialist in design of systems in the case.

Employees and teachers of the university were trained in the National agency of development of qualifications and are entered in the federal Register of national system of qualifications as experts in assessment of qualification and technical experts in nanotech industry.