ETU "LETI" extends the remote operating mode until the end of summer


Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI," issued an order on measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease from June 22 to August 31, 2020.

22.06.2020 76

The implementation of educational programs and research projects will continue remotely. University professors and researchers will continue to work from home. Terms of duties and salaries under additional agreements to employment contracts will be preserved.

Employees who ensure the continuous functioning of the university will continue to perform their duties in the same mode until a special order is issued. Employees must comply with the requirements of current legislation and local regulations of the university in the conditions of coronavirus pandemic. There can not be more than 350 people simultaneously on the university campus including dormitories.

Employees who can work remotely will continue to work from home while retaining their duties and salary.

For employees who cannot work remotely and who do not ensure the continuous functioning of the university, a flexible schedule with working hours is established. Heads of departments independently determine the beginning, the end, and the total duration of the working day for such employees.

Employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectants) when moving to and from university and during work.

Heads of departments of the university should ensure that employees use all days of annual paid vacation mainly in summer. They should submit revised vacation schedules to the HR Department before June 26, 2020.