ETU “LETI” expands its presence in cyberspace

ETU “LETI” expands its presence in cyberspace

Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” has improved its position in the Webometrics Ranking.

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Spanish research group, The Cybermetrics Lab has graded 27 thousand universities. 12 thousand of them are included in the published version of the ranking. The methodology behind it is based on four indicators. Visibility is the most essential of them and has the weighted coefficient of 50%. It refers to the number of external links the university receives and is calculated with such web tools as Ahrefs and Majestic. The second most valuable indicator is Excellence and its weight is 35%. The number of scientific publications of the university in 26 different research areas for the five-year period is taken into account here. Such analysis is conducted by Scimago research lab. The third most valuable indicator is Openness -10%. It reflects the number of links to the works of the most cited researchers of the university according to Google Scholar citations. Presence is the indicator that shows the number of web pages that are indexed by Google and consitutes 5% of the overall score.

According to the research results, as of January 2018 ETU “LETI” has gained 45 positions in the Webometrics Ranking compared to July 2017 and has risen from the 2943th place to the 2898th. ETU assumed 552nd position among BRICS universities and 36th - among Russian universities. ETU “LETI” showed the most growth among all the participants in the Project 5-100.

The fact that in half a year ETU gained 427 positions worldwide in the Impact category provided for such ranking rise. Such upward movement was the direct result of the university’s effort to improve citation impact.  

72 - position improvement in the Openness category indicates increase in number of publications cited according to Google Scholar. The fact that there are now more pages and files at the main web site and subsites of ETU “LETI” elevated the university 6 positions up in the Presence category. Despite the slowed-down growth in the Excellence category it is the university’s strongest suit. In this rank ETU “LETI” is ahead of many universities that hold a higher position overall.

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Webometrics Ranking of World Universities or Ranking Web of Universities is the research project by Cybermetrics Lab, a unit of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The main purpose of the ranking is to promote the so called Access to knowledge initiative aimed at promoting content that is produced by universities. Also such a ranking system drives universities to step up and provide more “open access”. Since 2004 Cybermetrics Lab has been publishing the rankings twice a year – at the end of January and July.