ETU "LETI" debuted in the subject rankings of the best global universities


St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" first entered the U.S. News Best Global Universities subject rankings in Physics.

28.10.2019 1821

American magazine U.S. News & World Report has published the international rankings U.S. News Best Global Universities, which includes 1,500 universities from 81 countries.

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" first entered the subject rankings of the magazine in Physics, taking 741st place. To enter the rankings, the university successfully overcame the entry barrier by publishing over 250 articles in this area over 5 years.

The study took into account the global and regional research reputation, the number of publications in the Web of Science database from 2013 to 2017, number of citations per publication, total number of citations, number and percentage of publications that are among the 10% most cited, number and percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited, international collaboration, and percentage of total publications with international collaboration.

The data used in the analysis came from Clarivate Analytics InCites, which helps institutions evaluate research output, performance, and trends, understand the scope of an organization’s scholarly contributions, and articulate outcomes to inform research priorities. InCites uses the content and citation indicators found in the Web of Science.

ETU "LETI" has shown the highest performance in the region research reputation, taking 13th place among 19 Russian universities, and global research reputation (13-15th place). The global research reputation reflects the aggregation of the most recent five years of results of the Academic Reputation Survey by Clarivate Analytics. In assessing the regional reputation, magazine took into account the votes of respondents in the survey from the same region as the university; all Russian universities are assigned to the European region.

“The subject rankings in physics have long been our goal because many of our departments and leading researchers are engaged in this area and have publications in scientific journals on physics and other natural sciences. The high reputation of the university indicates that the level of our research in physics and the level of fundamental natural science training is highly appreciated in Russia and abroad. We plan to further strengthen and develop the fame of the university not only as a leading engineering school but also as a reputable research center engaged in a wide range of applied and fundamental research."

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI"

The top three of overall U.S. News Best Global Universities rankings are US universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. The best Russian university in the rankings is Lomonosov Moscow State University, which took 266th place.

22 Russian universities entered 18 of 28 U.S. News Best Global Universities subject rankings. Russian universities are most widely represented in the subject rankings in Physics (19 universities), Chemistry (14 universities), Materials Science (9 universities), and Engineering (9 universities).

U.S. News & World Report rankings have been published for over 30 years for American universities. In 2014, the magazine launched an international version of the rankings.