ETU "LETI" & Norway: To share experience in the high-RPM machine engineering


ETU "LETI" students carry out online research projects as part of an exchange program with Østfold University College (Norway).

23.05.2020 1419

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement or cancellation of many international projects and events planned for spring 2020. However, ETU "LETI" international mobility programs continue as planned, adapting to new conditions.

At the beginning of April, Alexander SuslikovKirill Kononov, and Vladislav Kruzhkov, students of the English-taught first-year graduate program at the Department of Automation and Control Processes, started a research project within the academic exchange program organized by ETU "LETI" jointly with Østfold University College (Norway). The project was transferred from the Norwegian university to the Zoom online conference platform.

The organizers had to cancel the planned research in Østfold but retained the student research projects, which the participants will complete by mid-July. Students are working on them online under the guidance of professors Hong Wu and Olav Aaker from Østfold University College, as well as ETU "LETI" lecturers Anastasia Stotskaya, Deputy Head of the Department of Automation and Control Processes for Scientific Work, and Andrei Weinmeister, Associate Professor of Department of Automation and Control Processes. The coordinator of the project on the part of ETU "LETI" is Maria Kiseleva, Head of the International Academic Mobility Department.

"Work on the project allows discussing the current state and prospects of high-RPM machine engineering, share experience, and assess the potential of various solutions with foreign colleagues, who are experts in their field. Both sides add to an overview of the solutions discussed within the project. Some solutions are criticized, others, on the contrary, come to the fore. This certainly has a positive impact on the training of students," Andrei Weinmeister says.

The students had three assigned task titles: "Simulation and construction of an induction machine (generator) for high RPM," "Simulation and construction of an inverter for high RPM induction machines," and "Theoretical study of possible benefits and high RPM generators." Online meetings also included a cultural element; Russian students made presentations about their hometowns.

"Participating in the project at such an interesting time is a great opportunity to work in a new format for us, share the experience with foreign colleagues, and strengthen international cooperation. We achieved significant progress towards our stated goal over the past months of productive and intensive work in strict accordance with the schedule, which includes weekly online meetings, reports on the results achieved, and discussion of new challenges. The main advantage of the project, in my opinion, is that students can learn the experience of foreign colleagues while improving their knowledge with the help of ETU "LETI" scientific school."

Anastasia Stotskaya, Deputy Head of the Department of Automation and Control Processes for Scientific Work

Despite the limitations of the format, participants were very satisfied with the learning and research process.

"The overall impression is very positive. We hold quite informative meetings in an informal atmosphere, where we can learn a lot about Norway and its culture without distracting from the main agenda. I expect that we will continue with this spirit, and in the end, everyone will get the necessary experience that will help develop professional skills," Kirill Kononov shares his impressions.

Alexander Suslikov, the student of the English-taught first-year graduate program, also noted positive moments in communication with Norwegian professors: "Hong and Olav are always friendly and do everything possible to make our training more comfortable. They provide access to the library, and help in modeling. We hold all our meetings in a friendly atmosphere. We can talk about different everyday topics and share the news of our countries. We very much appreciate the comprehensive and timely assistance from our lecturers Anastasia Stotskaya and Andrei Weinmeister. We hope that we will maintain our spirit, and future meetings will be as productive as they are now."

"I got acquainted with the Norwegian professors at their presentation at ETU "LETI." I liked that they added several photos and stories about Norway and the city to the formal presentation: there was a more extensive understanding of the upcoming trip. Hong and Olav answered all questions. Despite the current circumstances, the professors have continued to develop the project and are providing all kinds of assistance. At Zoom meetings, they always ask about the mood and the weather. This makes the environment more friendly and positive. I think that the publication of the development in the journal and the continuation of the cooperation will greatly help me to develop my skills and the qualities needed for a qualified specialist."

Vladislav Kruzhkov, the student of the English-taught first-year graduate program

After the successful completion of the project, students will present it at the EXPO event, which is organized by Østfold University College. This year, it will be held online. The participants plan to prepare an article for publication in a highly ranked journal indexed by the Scopus database. The program includes a visit of ETU "LETI" students to Norway during 2020 for summarizing the student projects.