ETU in the first technology park school

ETU in  the first technology park school

On January 27 ETU came to visit the pupils of the 8-11th classes of the Russia's first technology park school "Kudrovo".

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Growth driver of innovative economy are both skilled employees and intellectual, advanced population of the country. The huge merit in forming of society of a new format belongs to the secondary and high school which cooperation breaks new ground. If earlier interaction of these two institutes was limited to training courses and excursions, then today universities actively participate in educational programs of schools. It is connected with the fact that universities are interested in motivated, socially active entrants, and LETI isn't an exception.

On January 27 ETU came to visit the pupils of the 8-11th classes of the Russia's first technology park school "Kudrovo". Pupils were offered cases from faculties of electrotechnical university. Each team was to solve two cases including rather difficult tasks. Children felt like students and researchers. Among the offered tasks there were disaggregation of the code of Caesar, development of sensors on detection of Pokemons, search of alternative energy sources and many others. "It was great! I expected that it will be boring, but cases turned out to be so fascinating that we didn't notice how time flew by", – the schoolgirl of the 10th grade Vasilisa Velichko said.

Depending on the type of a case the jury estimated teams by a number of criteria. The points gained following the results of the solution of two cases were summed up. It is remarkable that teams of the 8th classes became leaders, having overtaken the senior companions.

In completion of the competitive process the working group which directly participated in creation and opening of innovative school joined the pupils.

Developing the idea of colleagues, curator of the project of "Kudrovo" educational center, the associate professor of management of GAOU DPO "Leningrad Institute of Development of Education" Tatyana Rogozina told that thanks to the cooperation with ETU educational programs of school science and technology park became more variable. Pupils work on projects under the leadership of teachers of university who are always ready to help. For example, in the laboratory "Internet of things" one of pupils created "the smart house" for a hamster with his own hands, and now from every spot on the globe he can add water, switch light on and off, and know what the pet is doing. According to Tatyana, ETU became some kind of business-angel for "Kudrovo", who accompanies educational process and helps with technical supply.

The young researchers showed genuine interest to this event, so the organizers plan to make "Days of LETI" traditional.


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