ETU has the best online course in high technology

ETU has the best online course in high technology

ETU online course on the fundamentals of digital signal processing was recognized as one of the best at EdCrunch Award 2018.

10.10.2018 326

Winners of the Fourth International Competition of Open Online Courses EdCrunch Award 2018 were announced in Moscow on October 1-2. More than 100 online courses from leading Russian universities took part in the competition, including ETU “LETI”, UrFU, KFU, Tomsk State University, ITMO University, St. Petersburg University, MISiS, Yandex, eTutorium academy, SKB Kontur and various associations, including the Online Education Development Fund, Geek Teachers, Computer Science Center and others.

The online course entitled "Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing" won the first-degree diploma in the special Best Course in High Technologies nomination. The course was developed by Alexander Sergienko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Radio Engineering. Users of the course are technical students, engineers and specialists studying issues of discrete signals, discrete systems, discrete Fourier transforms, methods of synthesizing digital filters, quantization and rounding effects, multi-speed signal processing. Students who successfully pass the assessment receive a certificate at the end of the 15-week course.

"Our university took part in such a significant event as the international competition of online courses EdCrunchAward 2018 for the first time. In just over two years LETI managed to make a breakthrough in one of the priority areas for the Russian education development. It is doubly pleasing that the work of our creative team, headed by Professor Alexander Sergienko, was so highly appreciated by the experts. The modern educational world is changing rapidly, and it is important for us to keep up to date. We need to transform the educational process and the applied pedagogical practices, and at the same time, preserve all the positive things that we have accumulated earlier. "

Alexander Timofeev, Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

Federal and non-federal educational institutions, companies, freelancers, instructors from Russia and other countries can submit applications. The evaluation of the courses lasted more than a month. During that time experts discussed modern MOOC development standards. Deputy Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies Nikolai Tokarev and a student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology Margarita Tsallagova took part in the commission. The program committee acknowledged their active participation by presenting diplomas.

The issues of working with data were considered at the #EdCrunch conference such as approaches to the psychometric assessment of the educational process, adaptability of training, methods of using big data, including the corporate sector. HSE presented a system for automated assessment of online courses, which will be available for universities as part of the Modern Digital Educational Environment project. Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" was one of the first participants to test this tool and has already upgraded two distance education programs based on the recommendations received. Online courses are more than an experiment today: universities tend to see them as a full-fledged part of the educational process.

Recognition by one of the largest conferences in Europe on technology in education #EdCrunch reaffirmed that St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" has the high level of online education and the effectively carries out consistent work in this field.