Do not forget to pedal: ETU "LETI" awarded diplomas to graduates of Master's degree programs

Do not forget to pedal: ETU

698 graduates of the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" received the second diploma of higher education and became the successors of the glory of the First Electrotechnical University in Europe.

12.07.2019 198

June 26, the ceremony of diploma presentation to graduates of the Master's degree programs took place at the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI." 698 people became happy owners of cherished documents. Seven best students, according to the good tradition of the university, were invited to the tea party and memorable photography with Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI." During the study on the Master's degree program, the students not only showed excellent knowledge of the subjects studied but also took an active part in the scientific and social life of their alma mater.

The participants of the meeting were the following: Vadim Setkin (Faculty of Radio Engineering); Vyacheslav Dyumin (Faculty of Electronics); Olga Brikova (Faculty of Computer Science and Technology); Olga Streltsova (Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering); Ali Abdullah (Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering); Timofey Bogdanov (Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems), and Elena Kozarevskaya (Faculty of Economics and Management). The deans of these faculties presented their mentees to the rector.

“Vadim Setkin program was engaged in research work, modeling of digital communication systems, and noise-resistant coding throughout the entire period of study on the Master's degree. He also enjoys chess, mountaineering, and playing the guitar. During his studies, Vadim graduated from the military department of LETI and has the rank of reserve officer,” Victor Malyshev, Dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering proudly presented the rector the best graduate.

The best graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Vyacheslav Dyumin, during his studies at the Master's degree of ETU "LETI," managed not only to complete an internship in Israel and make more than 10 scientific publications but also to create a strong family. Now he has the support of a loving wife and little son.

“Olga Brikova managed to publish 16 scientific works. She is the winner of the scientific reports competition of the XVII International Practical Conference of Young Researchers, Students, and Postgraduates, as well as the Potanin Foundation Scholarship Program. In 2018, Olga took the 3rd place in the student industry competition of Gazprom. She is fond of volleyball and shooting,” Ivan Kholod, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, told about the best graduate student.

Yuri Sentyabrev, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering, presented two of his best graduate students at once to the ETU "LETI" rector: Olga Streltsova and Ali Abdullah.

“Olga Streltsova received a diploma of the first degree for the best research work of ETU "LETI" students in 2017, works as a design engineer for electrical and low-voltage networks at Pulkovo airport. She is fond of painting. Ali Abdullah entered ETU "LETI" on the quota of the Ministry of Education as the best Bachelor's degree graduate of Tishreen University in Syria. He combines his studies with the work at the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. During his studies, he learned Russian and now translates the ETU "LETI" website into Arabic,” Yuri Sentyabrev, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering, said.

Alexander Boronakhin, Dean of the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems, presented his best graduate to the participants of the meeting. Timofey Bogdanov is fond of music and electronics, so he chose the Department of Electrical Acoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering not by chance: “Timofey is an active participant in the annual conferences of young specialists, the author of several scientific publications. He lives an active lifestyle, he likes cycling in his free time."

Alexander Zvontsov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, said many kind words about one of the best graduates Elena Kozarevskaya. He gladly shared the success of the student and underlined that several of her papers were published in material collections of scientific and practical conferences “Topical Aspects of the Russian Economy Modernization."

During the conversation, Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI," asked students about the most vivid impressions during their studies, and plans for the future. All graduates noted that during their studies, the university became a second home for them, in which they got a wide scope for self-realization. Some of them are going to enter ETU "LETI" graduate school, others have decided in favor of professional experience in enterprises. “You all have good plans for the future. You have all the necessary qualities to bring them to life. Thank you for your kind attitude towards LETI. I wish you all good luck!" the rector said.

Graduates of six faculties, deans, lecturers, and parents took part in the ceremony of graduation, which took place in the assembly hall of the university.

"Dear friends! Many of you stay to work in your home - LETI. Someone will go to graduate school; most of you will build a professional career outside the university. We are keenly aware of our responsibility for your future, for your professional career. It is very important for us to understand how and what we will teach the new generation, how we will increase the prestige of our university. Therefore, I say: you are the most welcome guests at our university! Come to your alma mater! Help us develop LETI. We love you because you are ours! Good luck!"

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI"

According to the tradition, each of the seven best graduates came to the scene in a mantle and a square academic cap with a tassel, which has a special meaning. In the Middle Ages, it hung on the right side for those who were still studying, and on the left side for graduates and academicians. Deans of faculties had the honorary right to throw a tassel from the right to the left side of the square academic cap.

“I really hope that the years you spent at LETI were not in vain and that the difficulties that you had to face here during your studies only made you stronger. I hope that your future professional and personal life will develop in the best possible way. I wish you not to bury your talents in the ground and always remember that this is like a bicycle: while you pedal - you move forward. Do not forget to pedal!” Viktor Malyshev, Dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering, wished the graduates.

Alexander Solomonov, Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, noted in his welcoming remarks that education at ETU "LETI" has always been based on deep fundamental training. It was not easy for the students to pass the final exams, but the main exam is still to come.

During the study, many of the graduate masters not only achieved success in their studies but also managed to reveal their talents in various fields of activity. Students that excelled in the social, cultural, and sports life of ETU "LETI" were awarded commendations and memorable prizes. Among them are Ksenia Diogenova, Evgeny Tikhomirov, Victoria Saklakova, Vadim Lukashin, Yulia Kokorina, Dmitry Lobanov, Maria Antonovich, Ekaterina Grishina, Evgeny Somov, Alexey Reshetnev, Rahman Ardi (Indonesia) and Tang Guoliang (China).

As the lecturers of the students noted in their words of encouragement, “you need to pedal so fast that fate will not have time to put a spoke in the wheels!” It is possible that in a few years we will see someone from these graduates on the pages of leading magazines and websites as successful entrepreneurs, well-known politicians, researchers, or managers of large enterprises.