Designing Education: LETI School on Developing and Transforming Academic Programs

Designing Education: LETI School on Developing and Transforming Academic Programs

LETI will hold a World Educators' School for teachers and heads of departments dedicated to the design, development, and promotion of educational programs.

24.12.2021 271

On January 31, LETI will launch World Educators' School for designing new and transforming existing graduate programs. Within the project, leading professors and higher education experts will talk about the latest global practices and trends, features of organizational learning models, development strategies, and promotion of educational products on the international market.

Five days of offline intensive course and 45 days of independent work on projects include lectures, workshops, work in project groups, plenaries, and consultations with leading experts in higher education. Each participant will go through three large blocks: an educational block, an analytical block, and a laboratory block.

"It's no secret that one can only win as a team nowadays, and universities are no exception. At the school, we invite teams of 2-3 people who plan to design a new master's program or transform an existing one. Participants can include faculty and department heads as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Apply to participate as a team! As a result of the school, we would like to work with you to design new programs ready to launch in September 2022."

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at LETI

The school has two tracks: for teachers and university mid-level management. Participants in the first track will learn educational design skills, modern techniques and methods of teaching, the image of the teacher and transformation initiatives.

Management representatives will break down the cases of master's programs, study educational models and their features, as well as trends in higher education. Experts will teach track participants how to assess the market positioning, work with stakeholder requirements, and develop strategies and methods for transformation.

Under the guidance of leading higher education experts, school participants will design new master's programs or transform existing ones to increase demand for the educational product.

To participate in the school, you need to fill out an application and prepare a presentation of the educational program until January 20.