Department of Information Security

Department of Information Security

Department of "Information Security" is created at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI".

04.06.2014 595

Department of "Information Security" is created at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI". In addition to continuation of training of future graduates on specialty "Computer Security" a new specialty of engineering training will appear at the Department - "Information Security of objects of information on computer-based systems."

The emergence of specialized department is an answer to the challenges of time. Today when computerization covered all spheres of life, ensuring of information security of the country, businesses, organizations and ordinary citizens comes to the fore. This thesis is confirmed by Edward Snowden’s exposure of total surveillance over the world by the U.S. secret services. It is obvious that secret services in some other countries also do this as well as international terrorist and criminal organizations. In an increasingly unstable world "deadly force" of information attacks may be even higher than that of conventional weapons. That is why forces of military information operations designed for cyber and information resistance with the potential enemy have recently been established in the structure of Russian armed forces.

LETI Department of Computer Science and Technologies has been preparing specialists in "Computer security" for 15 years, but today this specialization requires spreading the knowledge and skills obtained by graduates of the University in the field of technical protection of information, as well as access control and prevention of unauthorized access to information. During the training at the Department students will learn specificity of application of automated systems for special purposes, will be able to simulate an attack on information. In other words, they will be specialists who are able to resist any enemy successfully. Of cours they will be in demand, because according to some information need in such specialists in Russia exceeds 20 thousand people today. It is no coincidence that the number of state-funded places on this specialty in LETI increased by 10% this year.

New department was headed by specialist in the field of information security, performer of 22 research works of various levels, author of 77 scientific publications, including 23 textbooks, 30 scientific articles, Ph.D., associate professor Evgeniy H. Vorobyov. More than ten teachers and employees of other departments of LETI, including professors N.A. Moldovyan, A.A. Moldovyan, R.V.Maksimov, V.V.Popovich and other specialists in the field of computer security moved to the department. Negotiations with experts in this field, working in other organizations, are held.