Decade of Biomedical Engineering at ETU "LETI"

Decade of Biomedical Engineering at ETU

On October 5 at 9.00 am, introductory lectures of Professor Silvana Quaglini (Italy) and Professor Nathan Blountstein (Israel) on the modern state of biomedical engineering will take place in the videoconference hall of the building 5.

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From October 5 to 21, a series of lectures by leading experts in biomedical engineering - Professor Silvana Quaglini (Italy) and Professor Nathan Blountstein (Israel) - on the current state of biomedical engineering will take place at ETU "LETI." The lectures will cover such topical issues as telemonitoring systems for chronic diseases and related problems, as well as remote patient monitoring systems. They will also discuss research on the application of optical, radio, and acoustic waves in early cancer diagnostic systems.

Lectures will be held daily at 9.00 in English as videoconferences. The full program is available below.

Silvana Quaglini graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering in 1981 from the University of Pavia; then she obtained the PhD in Bioengineering. Since 2011 she is a Full Professor at the same University of Pavia, where she is co-holder of the courses "Data Mining and Decision Support in Medicine" and "Medical Informatics." She is the author of about 220 scientific publications, and her H-index is 40.

Her research interest, in general, is about decision support systems in medicine and, more particularly, on basic areas such as decision theory, clinical process modeling, artificial intelligence, probabilistic systems, biomedical statistics, knowledge acquisition. Application areas include support systems for diagnosis, therapy, and monitoring, such as computerized guidelines, economic evaluation models based on decision analysis, telemedicine systems, and workflow management within healthcare organizations. The main medical areas covered by such applications are stroke, chronic diseases, cardiovascular risk, motor, and cognitive rehabilitation. The recent push toward personalized medicine has focused on the latest applications on the "shared decision making" and "context-aware home-monitoring patients."

Nathan Blountstein is PhD, DSc in Radio Physics and Electronics including Quantum Electronics. He is an Emeritus Professor, head of the master program at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science.

Nathan Blountstein authored more than 14 books and 220 articles in referred and special journals and conference proceedings (H-index– 15). He has 7 patents in the fields of indoor phased array antennas, the wireless communications and networks, optical IR sensors applications in security and bio-medicine, prediction of the procures of an earthquake by use of the special radar systems – ionosondes, and in the field of intrinsic cancers earlier non-invasive diagnosis by using passive IR technologies.

Lecture Schedule

Silvana Quaglini

October 5th 09.00-11.00 - Overview of the activities of the Biomedical Informatics Laboratory at the University of Pavia

Decision Analysis  

October 6th 09.00-11.00 - Decision analysis and utility theory applied to decision analysis

October 7th 09.00-11.00 - Software tools for decision analysis and utility elicitation

October 8th 09.00-11.00 - Real-world examples and exercises (including decision models for economic evaluations in healthcare)

Guideline-based decision support systems (DSS)  

October 13th 09.00-11.00 - Computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines (CIGs)

October 14th 09.00-11.00 - Measuring compliance to clinical practice guidelines (of both doctors and patients)

October 15th 09.00-11.00 - Combining clinical practice guidelines with decision analysis and machine learning tools

Home-patients monitoring systems  

October 19th 09.00-11.00 - Telemonitoring implementations in real-world settings

October 20th 09.00-11.00 - Challenges in telemonitoring (including medico-legal aspects)

October 21st 09.00-11.00 - Development of home-patients monitoring systems and DSS (high-level architectures and tools)

Nathan Blountstein

October 5th 11.30-13.00 - Direct and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetic Wave. Tomography - Optical, Radio, and Acoustic with Applications in Bio-Medicine and Bio-Technology

October 6th 11.30-13.00 - Tomography - Optical, Radio and Acoustic with Applications in Bio-Medicine and Bio-Technology

October 7th 11.30-13.00 - Signal Processing and Visualization of Objects

October 8th 11.30-13.00 - Infrared and Visual Optic Tomography Fundamentals

October 9th 11.30-13.00 - Devices and instruments for Visible and Infrared Tomography


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