Day of partner universities

Day of partner universities

On October 22 Day of partner universities was held at LETI.

29.10.2015 196

On October 22 Day of partner universities was held at LET, within which exhibition of international educational programs, presentations of programs "Two Diplomas" of TU Lappeenranta (Finland) and lecture of professor of University of Applied Sciences Magdebourg – Shtendal (Germany) of Olaf Friedewald took place. 

Lappeenranta University of Technology and ETU are old partners. This year Yulia Vauterin-Pyurkhyonen, Riitta Salmanen and Erkki Lyakhderanta arrived from Lappeenranta to represent their university. Besides work at the exhibition of educational programs and lecturing, staff members of LUT found time to have a talk with Head of Department of Academic Mobility Maria A. Kiselyova and the employee of Department of Public Relations Alexandra Fedyaeva and to share their impressions of cooperation with our university. 

"Cooperation between our universities began about 30 years ago, but in the last 10 years it became more active. There were many new employees, directions of interaction changed. Now the main directions of cooperation are science and education. 

I have only positive impressions about students of LETI. They show their best both at our Technical university, and at their native university when they come back after training there. I hope not only for continuation, but also for expansion of this effective cooperation", – Professor, Head of Department of Physics of LUT, Erkki Lyakhderanta noted. 

"Students from LETI are in demand in Europe, for them it is not difficult to continue there further training and to receive scientific degree. In its turn, it increases our reputation too: LUT is appreciated very much because together with LETI we train good experts. We always come to your university with big pleasure, here we have an opportunity to communicate with students, to tell them about our university and about training in Lappeenranta", – Yulia Vauterin-Pyurkhyonen, coordinator of international programs of Faculty of Power Systems added.  

"I would like to note not only the educational part of our exchange program, but also personal. After all, the trip to other higher education institution is not only lectures and occupations, it is also communication. I want to tell you about one our student– Petra. She was absolutely modest and timid and when she reported that she wants to joint exchange program with LETI, I was surprised and even alarmed. But at your university she changed, found so many friends that she returned back absolutely happy. We are very grateful to you for Petra and we hope that our program of exchange will help many students to find good friends", - coordinator of "Two diplomas" program Riitta Salmanen said. 

LETI cooperates with Magdebourg – Shtendal (Germany) university of Applied Sciences for the first year therefore professor of university Olaf Friedewald performed in our university as invited lecturer for the first time.

In June of this year he came to our university with the report on SPITSE conference. Olaf said that he hoped for cooperation, active and useful to both universities. Professor looked forward to meetings with students at his lecture "Quality of service in IP networks" that he was to deliver at LETI that day.

For her part, Head of Department of Academic Mobility M. A. Kiselyova noted: "We are always very glad to see foreign students at our university and we try to make their training more interesting. Now they have an opportunity to be trained not only in Russian, but also in English. Students can choose different programs and disciplines. I think that cooperation with foreign universities is very important as it promotes exchange both in educational and in the cultural sphere. We have special relations with Finland, because we are not only neighbors, but also we have rich common history".