Cultural landmarks of cooperation

Cultural landmarks of cooperation

Events confined to One Year of Russian-Chinese Youth Exchange were held at LETI and at Xuzhou Technological University in April,2014.

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Cultural project One Year of Russian-Chinese Youth Exchange is aimed at 2014 - 2015 educational season. The opening ceremony was held in March 2014 in St. Petersburg. Chairman of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov noted: “20,000 of Chinese students study in our country, 10,000 of our students study in China. First of all , it is not only communication, it is not only mutually beneficial cooperation, but it is preparation of students to coming in and working in the field of economics, politics, education, culture and science."

These events are associated with activities carried out in April this year on basis of our University and Chinese partner university. Joint education project with Xuzhou Technological University, which started in 2009, has been fullfilled for five years. Under the project Chinese students are studying on bachelor program "Management in technical systems", LETI teachers travel to XTU to teach Russian and technical disciplines.

For the first three years students are trained at XTU and learn Russian. To consolidate skills and adaptation, students come to LETI in August for summer school for the fourth year. There they undergo a course of scientific parlance and get acquainted with the university and the city, because most of them come to Saint-Petersburg for the first time. Then students study on the fourth year of Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering. In 2013 the first graduates of 20 bachelors of joint educational program were turned out, this year 14 people are planned to be graduated. Many Chinese students continue studying on MA course in LETI after finishing bachelor program.

Cultural activities, in which students are actively involved, help them to get acquainted with life in Russia. The first event associated with the beginning of the school year was participation in a concert at the festival "Day of Knowledge".  Chinese students sang a song about LETI. This year Day of Chinese culture was held within the framework of the annual festival "Step on the stage".  All items were performed by Chinese students, they familiarized all the present with script, painting, poetry traditions and songs of China. Big measures on preparation for the concert was taken by lecturer of Russian language Department Natalia N. Ovcharenko.

In XTU cultural events acquainting Chinese students with the Russian traditions also take place. Russian language teacher, working in XTU, Lyudmila G. Yun gave a master class on cooking of Russian dishes. Chinese students cooked soup, rice, cabbage pies, pancakes with strawberry jam, vegetable salads. After lunch small concert program with Russian songs and fun contests was held.

All events were held with true interest shown by the hosts to the creation of guests, and we plan to continue making such cultural demonstrations.