Creative life of foreign students of LETI

Creative life of foreign students of LETI

Interview with foreign student from Vietnam Quynh Anh Dam.

20.11.2015 464

By old tradition, foreign students of LETI take active part in life of the university, and also represent university on city events with dignity. Many start joining creative collectives from first months of studying. One of striking examples is the student of LETI from Vietnam Quynh Anh Dam.

On October 30 together with LETI studio of ballroom dances she successfully performed at the 20th annual international student's festival "Mellow autumn-2015".

Ann, as friends from Russia call her, has lived in St. Petersburg for a year and after finishing her studies at Preparatory Department she entered Faculty of Humanities. Ann told as how she manages to combine creativity and study in other country.

- You speak Russian perfectly. How you managed to learn the language so quickly?

- I learn Russian at school as the second foreign language. Before moving to St. Petersburg I have studied Russian for three years, participated in the contest, which brought me a grant on studying in Russia. At lessons we often watched movies and listened to music in Russian. Of course, now teachers and friends help me. At lectures sometimes I need more time to write down everything and I have to copy shorthand dictation from my groupmates. Copying it takes much time because I have to look for many words in the dictionary. Besides the main subjects, I have three lessons of Russian for foreigners a week, and if I have questions with subjects, teachers help to find answers.

- You actively participate in various creative actions. Recently you presented LETI at the city festival "Mellow autumn", participated in "Evening of poetry" and in  forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures". It is a lot of work. How do you manage to find time?

- It is very interesting for me to participate in such events. I like to sing and I like to learn something new. At the concert of forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures" I performed with a dance for the first time.

- Have you ever studied music?

- I learned to sing myself. I always liked it.

- And how did you come to Creativity center?

- Our head told me about the center. I think, it is very interesting and correct. Children are very friendly, kind, they help and support each other. It is very nice. We have a very exacting director so all actions are organized perfectly. I think, Creative center is a good opportunity to develop talents and to get acquainted with good people.

- Did you get used to living in St. Petersburg? Do you miss home?

- Frankly speaking, I like life in St. Petersburg more. This city became like home to me. But I am still not really used to snow which falls and then melts. therefore I am going to go home on winter vacation.