Cooperation of LETI with scientific and industrial groups "Altek" and "Ultraсraft"

Cooperation of LETI with

Leaders of "Altek" and "Ultraсraft" performed in the ETU with presentations of their developments on January 28, 2014. The occasion was the strategic cooperation between LETI and the organizations.

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On the 28th of January president of scientific and industrial group "Altek" Alexander T. Kozachenko and Director General of "Ultracraft" Vladimir A. Britvin took part in workshop of electrical acoustic and ultrasonic technology held at the Department of Electrical Acoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering under the 67th Scientific and Technical conference of the ETU faculty. Presentations of guests were timed  to the establishment of strategic partnership between organizations and our university which is based on cooperation in the sphere of science and educational process.

According to the commitments on strategic partnership, equipment for study of smart antennas and electromagnetic acoustic transformer, which are used in training of bachelors and masters, were passed in ETU’s disposal. The company also was provided with full-text database of journals of Acoustical Society of America (JASA) available in the university library for everyone.

Scientific and Industrial Group "Altek" handed Department of Electrical Acoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering modern portable defectoscope "Peleng" equipped with microprocessors, software and transducers developed in the organization.

The ETU has been working with the organizations for many years: 20 graduates of LETI work in “Altek", two professionals trained in our university are in the employ of LLC "Ultracraft”. In addition, students of the correspondence department study in "Ultracraft". "We want specialists trained by us to work in large organizations, to carry out specific goals, to see the results of their work and to contribute to the development of Russian science and technology. This is what our program of development of cooperation with these companies is designed for,"- stressed Vice-Rector for Research of LETI Mikhail Shestopalov who took part in the opening of the section.


Scientific and Industrial Group "Altek" consolidates companies specializing in the field of manual and automate ultrasonic and eddy current testing. Team conducts extensive research - development and design - experimental work on creating devices of non-destructive testing on basis of modern achievements of Instrumentation and Defectoscopy.

CJSC "Ultracraft" realizes design, production and implementation of automated industrial complexes of ultrasonic and eddy current testing for enterprises of iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, ultrasonic testing of pipes in field environment and on existing highways, sections of transport mechanization with process automation systems for non-destructive testing, process industries automation systems.

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