Congratulations to our sportsmen!

Congratulations to our sportsmen!

Represantatives of ETU won gold medals at the The Open Bench Press Championship in Valday city.

01.10.2013 138

The Open Bench Press Championship took place on Saturday, September 28th, in Valday city that is in Novgorod region. Sportsmen from Novgorod, Pskov, Tver, Moscow and Leningrad region took place at the Championship.

Two representatives of ETU “LETI” were lucky to win gold medals on this competition. Physical education teacher Dmitry Oryol won the gold medal in weight category to 93 kg with result of 205 kg. His student, Vladislav Shovdra, of 9181 group, became a champion in weight category to 59 kg, with result of 102,5 kg. Vladislav is a multiple champion of city competitions and the Bronze Prize winner of the Higher Institution Champions of Russia.

Our congratulations to winners!