Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

“Kon Chi Fatsay”, translated from Chinese as “Happy New Year”, those words echoed in every corner of the 5th building of LETI, as the Chinese students of LETI celebrated the New Year of the Lunar calendar.


“Kon Chi Fatsay”. Translated from Chinese as “Happy New Year”, those words echoed in every corner of the 5th building of LETI, as the Chinese students of LETI celebrated the New Year of the Lunar calendar, along with their Russian friends and teachers.

Naturally, the main role in this event was established by 19 young men and two young women who have completed 3 courses at the Xuzhou Institute of Technology (China), and are still students today at the Department of Automatic Control Systems in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation of our University, currently studying under the “two degrees” program. The Chinese students worked hard in the preparation of this yearly event, but they couldn’t have accomplished that without the help of Maria V. Pavlovskaya (head of International Relations Department) and Natalia S. Loktionova (director of the cultural center).

Program, prepared in conjunction with the “Middle Kingdom”, was not only very diverse, but also fun, as it should be during the celebration of the New Year. Naturally, rampant fun preceded the official parts: Victor A. Tupik (pro-chancellor for International Work) and Victor V. Putov (dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation) wished the Chinese students a Happy New Year, students who have worked hard in order to develop their level in the Russian language, were awarded diplomas. The celebration of the Chinese New Year’s Eve started with a slideshow of the Grand Skyscrapers in Beijing, followed by a countdown mixed with music that makes the heart beat faster while they approach 2013. And when the long-awaited moment came in the hall resounded “Kon Chi Fatsay”. With a Russian accent, of course.

The hall small but creatively decorated; colored balloons were hung everywhere with letters written on them for various wishes. And everyone who attended this event had a red piece of paper with congratulations written on it – and its translation in Chinese characters. On the tables,  Russian cakes and Chinese tea laying next to each pair, as is customary in China - envelopes, as known in the Yuan, in the envelops  that night were cards with questions about the history and traditions of this country. Every participant who answered correctly received a memento; it should be noted that students from St. Petersburg showed very good knowledge of the subject.

A fun master-class on making traditional Chinese dumplings proceeded; where Chinese students taught other students and teachers how to prepare such a native cultural dish. Certainly, many of the participants of this event will try to apply this knowledge in their own kitchens. These dumplings were extremely delicious!

Can it happen without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden? Do not worry; it has all been taken care of. Leader of the Chinese group Joo Dinhua dressed as a Russian national hero was amazingly realistic, also Nastya Oreshnikova was dressed as the Snow Maiden. They sang, and in the hall they listened to the popular Russian New Year song “Born in the Woods Christmas tree ...” (“V lesu rodilas jolochka…”). Then all shouted as one “Kon Chi Fatsay” and started singing a popular Chinese New Year song. A great year ended, students and professors started moving around the tables in a snake-like movement. The next 365 days will be marked by this amphibian-symbolizing wisdom.

In conclusion, the event was unlikely to succeed in such a success and fun, without the help of Victor B. Vtorov (Chinese supervisor and associate dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation) and Natalia N. Ovcharenko (senior lecturer of the Department of the Russian language), also the Foundation Course Office and the Office of International Relations and the Center of cultural and educational work. Special thanks to the complex of the dining halls of LETI, which sponsored this memorable event.

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