Best dynamics among Russian universities: ETU "LETI" in the RUR ranking of engineering universities

Best dynamics among Russian universities: ETU

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" moved up 91 places in the ranking of engineering universities RUR 2020.

09.07.2020 1291

Russian RUR Rankings Agency has published an international ranking of engineering universities 2020, which includes 757 higher education institutions from 71 countries.

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" has advanced from 528th to 437th place in the world. Boosting the 91st position as compared to the last year, the university showed the best dynamics among all Russian universities. In the all-Russian standings, ETU "LETI" moved up from the 22nd to the 13th place.

The active growth of ETU "LETI" score in the ranking was facilitated by the stable increase in the number of the university publications in engineering areas, such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering, General Engineering and Control and Systems Engineering, as well as in areas related to computer sciences, among them Computer Networks and Communications and Artificial Intelligence.

Also, the improvement of teaching and research reputation in engineering and technology, which is based on the number of votes received by the university in the survey, has played an important role.

Over the past year, the reputation of ETU "LETI" in teaching has significantly increased: the university climbed from 248th to 177th place in the world. "An increasing number of experts around the world recognize the high quality of education at LETI. In Russia and neighboring countries, our university has long been known for our responsible approach to the educational process. Studying with us is not easy - our students have to work hard, but without it, they will not succeed in today's competitive world. We are always happy to welcome to our university students who come to us for knowledge," Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research of ETU "LETI," comments.

In terms of research reputation in engineering, ETU "LETI" has advanced by more than 100 positions: from 334th to 235th place in the world.

"Independent experts, scientists from all over the world praised our university. We appreciate this positive feedback. The engineering field is extremely vast, but it is in this field there the main scientific competencies and world-class research teams of our university are, of which we are proud. All 5 priority R&D areas, in which LETI strives to take the leading positions, fit into this area. We plan to continue to closely monitor the score of our research reputation in the rankings, which is an important way for us to assess our effectiveness."

Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research of ETU "LETI"

ETU "LETI" continues to improve the score in internationalization: the share of international students has moved up from 324th to 249th place in the world.

According to the experts of the ETU "LETI" Analytical Center, for further advance in the ranking, it is necessary to continue the development of publication activity: to improve citation index and develop international collaborations in research, to increase the presence of the university in high-rated scientific journals. Internal optimization is also important: improving the ratio of teachers to students, increasing the number of defending PhD theses and doctoral dissertations in the councils of the university.

The top three technical universities in the ranking are Oxford University (UK), California Institute of Technology (USA) and Cambridge University (UK). Of the 66 Russian universities, St. Petersburg is represented by ITMO University, St. Petersburg University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI," St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.