Beneq Oy and LETI open joint laboratory

Beneq Oy and LETI open joint laboratory

On Friday, November 15th, the official opening of the joint laboratory of the Finnish company Beneq Oy and LETI took place in the university. Industrial application of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) will be studied there.

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On Friday, November 15th, the official opening of the joint laboratory of the Finnish company Beneq Oy and LETI took place in the university. It became one of the most notable events of the 2nd All-Russian Scientific and Practical Forum “Strategic partnership of the institutes of higher education and high-tech enterprises (Science. Education. Innovations)”.

Researches and tests of industrial applications of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) will be conducted at the laboratory. ALD is a perspective nanotechnology becoming more and more applicable in different fields of production like the components of flexible electronics and coverings of windows of spaceships. For example drawing such ultrafine coverings on displays will allow them not only to work quickly and reliably at a temperature from -150 to +150 degrees Celsius, but also will significantly raise their moisture tightness and gas-tightness. These transparent barrier films can be also put on photo cells of solar batteries and organic light-emitting diodes. In jewelry and silver production transparent barrier coverings will protect metal from darkening. Application of this method in medicine for decrease the probability of rejection of artificial organs by a human body is very perspective. The technology is extremely important for the Russian programs of research of space, work in the Arctic and mining.

“Products and decisions created in the laboratory jointly with scientists of LETI will spread worldwide and we are sure that thin-film technologies will play a key role in modernization of the Russian economy soon. Start of this laboratory will increase competitiveness of the Russian science in the world and will accelerate the process of transfer of thin-film technologies from R&D to the industrial application”, – Mr Sampo Ahonen, Beneq Oy CEO, said.

“We got the access to the newest equipment and competences which are possessed by our partners. Joint operation in this laboratory will serve improvement of quality of education in LETI and scientific development by our scientists, will give start to the development of the new scientific directions at the university and also will promote the development of electronic and accompanying industries of the country”, – Vladimir M. Kutuzov, Rector of LETI, is sure.

Besides basic and applied researches the demonstration of opportunities of ALD with application of world experience in this area, production of samples and rendering services in drawing coverings would be carried out at the laboratory. Creation and launch of new products and technologies will be the important aspect of activity.

The concept of ultrafine films technology creation was suggested for the first time by V.B. Aleskovskiy (The Leningrad institute of technology) in the Ph.D. thesis in 1952. But the idea was too ahead of time and it was unclaimed. In the 1970s the technology was rediscovered and elaborated by Finnish scientists and provided Finns the breakthrough in this sphere of scientific and industrial development.

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