At the forefront of world science: International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement at ETU “LETI”

At the forefront of world science: International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement at ETU “LETI”

The XXI International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement (SCM'2018) took place on May 23 - 25, 2018 at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI".

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399 reports were presented at the conference by researchers from Russia and 10 other countries: Belarus, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, Finland, USA, Czech Republic and Spain.

The conference was opened on the 23rd of May in the Conference Hall of Building 3. Vladimir M. Kutuzov, President of ETU “LETI” stated in his keynote speech that it was the 21th annual conference on soft computing and measurement at ETU which indicates that the conference is not losing its value.

“We are proud of this conference – it is one of the most well-established and popular conferences held at ETU “LETI”. The main merit of the conference is its interdisciplinarity which is highly valued now. Interdisciplinary research is welcomed and supported all over the world. Our conference provides stimuli for finding new interdisciplinary research areas. “

Vladimir M. Kutuzov, President of ETU “LETI”

According to Vladimir M. Kutuzov, the other important achievement of the conference is that it has always managed to attract students which directly provides for knowledge transfer into the teaching and learning process.

“The best educational technique is making students interested in research.”

Vladimir M. Kutuzov, President of ETU “LETI”

Mikhail Shestopalov, Chair of the IEEE North-West Section stated that IEEE attaches great significance to the conference. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of IEEE has been a co-organizer of the conference since 2015. The Institute has also helped publish reports presented by the participants at IEEE Xplore Digital Library and index them in SCOPUS, the largest database of peer-review literature.

Participants also payed tribute to Lotfi A. Zadeh, well-known American mathematician of Azerbaijanian descent who invented the term “fuzzy logic”, co-devised the fuzzy set theory and devised the theory of computing with words and perceptions. He was called modern Einstein by his colleagues. In 1997 Lotfi A. Zadeh co-founded the International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement at ETU “LETI” and he remained honorary chairman of the conference for 20 years. He passed away on September 6th, 2017.

The following topics were covered at the conference:

  1. The uncertainty in the measurements and calculations. Probabilistic methods in the processing of information. The Bayesian approach.
  2. Systems simulation. Complex objects control in the condition of uncertainty.
  3. Neurocomputing networks, genetic algorithms and their applications.
  4. Methods and tools for the design of expert systems and decision support systems.
  5. Intelligent measurements systems.New approaches in measurements: intellectual, soft and fuzzy measurements.
  6. Environmental information systems.
  7. Application of decision support systems in the economy and the social sphere

More than 70 students participated in the Student School for Soft Computing and Measurement where they presented their reports in Russian and in English. According to Mikhail S. Kupriyanov, Dean of the School of Computer Technologies and Informatics as a result of influx of young researchers to the conference this it is becoming more youth-oriented. 

“You cannot overestimate the importance of this conference. The topics of our discussion now are the forefront of modern science. The conference is getting younger and better looking.”

Svetlana V. Prokopchina, professor at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

For future reference

The International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement was first held at ETU ”LETI” in 1997 and is financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The organizers of the Conference are: International Fuzzy Systems Association, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Association for Artificial Intelligence of the Academy of Science of the Russian Federation, IEEE North-West Chapter, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, Intellectual Systems R&D&M Corporation, and Transfer Innovation Company.