Alexander Arsenyev, Director of the Department of Youth Policy: "The purpose of all restrictive measures is to protect the health of students"

Alexander Arsenyev, Director of the Department of Youth Policy:

ETU "LETI" has strengthened security measures and tightened control over compliance with the sanitary protection in student dormitories.

03.04.2020 1124

The university approved the dormitory internal safety regulations enforced by student self-governance organs during an increased coronavirus outbreak hazard. The document was developed based on recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and communicated to students living in the dormitories of the university. Alexander Arsenyev, Director of the Department of Youth Policy of ETU "LETI," told more about it.

"All student dormitories have daily temperature checks of each resident. If the temperature exceeds 37.4 degrees and there are signs of respiratory tract infection (coughing, runny nose, muscle ache, and fatigue), a doctor is immediately called from the district polyclinic to which the student is assigned. If it is an international student, an ambulance is called. Currently, more than 40% of students living in dormitories have left them. For all who stay in the dormitories, it is recommended to stay in the rooms, limit their exits from the dormitory only to ones to the grocery stores or pharmacies, and use masks. The purpose of these measures is to protect the health of students."

Alexander Arsenyev, Director of the Department of Youth Policy of ETU "LETI"

Students record their data on well-being on a special temperature sheet. On each floor of the dormitory, there is a responsible volunteer, who monitors the temperature checks and notes the temperature above 37.0, passing this data once a day to the head of the dormitory and the chair of the Student Council. If necessary, a doctor will be called. Students who share a room with an infected are not allowed to leave the room before a visit to the doctor and receiving his recommendations. Access to all ETU "LETI" dormitories is prohibited for unauthorized persons.

"Overall, the situation has brought students together. We can see that there are students with a high temperature in the dormitories, but they are few. Students showed responsibility and when the first symptoms of respiratory tract infection appeared they called a doctor or an ambulance, which prescribed them treatment. Now, these students are under the control of the head of the dormitory and those responsible for temperature checks," Alexander Arsenyev added.

We advise those living in the rooms to do wet cleaning every day, to air the room every two hours, and to wipe doorknobs, smartphones, and computer keyboards with sanitizer. Students received these rules via personal accounts.

In general, students try to take precautions in this difficult situation. But there are also problems: some students work than violate the recommendations to stay home and pose a threat of spreading the disease. They should understand that the health of all students living in the dormitory is at stake: it is enough for a single person to get infected and everyone can be quarantined.

"Today, students' academic and social life continues. Students are mostly busy studying now because even during the break there is a backlog of homework. But of course, there is also time for sleep and rest. A whole range of online activities is conducted by the Department of Educational and Social Affairs in cooperation with student organizations. In general, both the administration of the university and students themselves are trying their best to support them and help to stay positive during self-isolation."

Alexander Arsenyev, Director of the Department of Youth Policy of ETU "LETI"

All relevant information on the transition to distance learning, measures to prevent the spread of disease and the work of student government, and answers to the most frequently asked questions of students are available on the ETU "LETI" website. When study at the university is resumed, the students are going to be notified of this fact by an appropriate announcement uploaded to the university website and newsletter sent out to student accounts.