Aerobics Day -2014

Aerobics Day -2014

Aerobics festival was held on April 17. Teams of different years performed there.

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Aerobics festival was held on April 17. Teams of different years performed there. Celebration began with the presentation of teams and brilliant performance of a couple from ballroom dance studio. Then such items of first-year students as dance in Irish style, dance with the step and dumbbells as well as with hoops were demonstrated.

Between performances there were items of invited guests such as Miss Aerobics - 2012 Julia Zhivohulova with breathtaking belly dancing, graceful and plastic Miss Aerobics - 2013 Margarita Demina and Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics Ekatherina Fokina.

For the first time competition Miss Aerobics was held at the festival. More than twenty contestants battled for the title of best female athlete. Julia Lee, a first-year student of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, became the winner.

Mister Aerobics Anton Elkin, a first-year student of Faculty of Economics and Management, was awarded too. Since childhood he has been engaged in various kinds of dances. Nowadays he participates in cultural and educational life of the University actively and dances in one of teams in Modern Step studio.

In the second part dance groups and dancers of LETI performed. There were such dances as jazz –funk, hip-hop, tap dancing, breakdance and others.

All participants of Aerobics Day deserve the title of the most sporty and dancing students of LETI. We wish all of them to develop, improve and reach new heights!

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The article is written
by the 3d-year student of Faculty of Humanities
Tatiana Guseva (group 1701)