A place in the sun: summer school on renewable energy took place for the first time at ETU "LETI"

A place in the sun: summer school on renewable energy took place for the first time at ETU

Students from eight countries received training in the English-language Renewable Energy summer school at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI."

26.07.2019 1552

From July 1 to July 14, the Renewable Energy summer school took place for the first time at ETU "LETI" at the Department of Photonics. School classes were devoted to the current achievements in the field of the renewable energy sector, as well as the development, diagnosis, and metrology of solar modules. 10 people from France, Iraq, Iran, Tanzania, China, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar took part in the short-term educational program. The summer school participants listened to lecture courses, and plunged into the area of ​​study more deeply in practical training.

The program consists of four training modules. In the first of these, students gained knowledge about renewable energy sources, their history and prospects. In the second, students learned the basics of photovoltaics and its principles. The third module was devoted to the study of the basic materials of photoelectric solar energy converters, and methods for their diagnosis. The fourth module was devoted to the design, equipment, and automation of solar power plants.

"Participation in Renewable Energy summer school allows students to obtain a large amount of information and get practical skills in a short time. The information provided in the summer school is state-of-the-art and useful both to students and specialists in the field of renewable energy. For undergraduate students, it is also a great opportunity to get a sense of ​​the Master's degree program in English “Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Technology.”

Valentina Pukhova, Coordinator of the Renewable Energy summer school

“At present, the use of solar energy is particularly promising. After all, life itself on the planet Earth exists because of radiation from the Sun," - notes Sergey Tarasov, Head of the Department of Photonics - "Solar radiation is an environmentally friendly and inexhaustible source of energy, solar energy conversion systems can be used in any geographical point on the planet; they are easily scaled and relatively inexpensive both in installation and in further operation. Therefore, the school is focused on elements and systems of solar energy.”

The high level of the educational program was possible due to the lecturers of the Department of Photonics, which conducts research and carries out training in Master's degree program in the field of silicon-based thin-film solar modules for many years. World-class international experts Gabriele Ferrini, Professor of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italy) and Jean-Paul Kleider, Professor of the French National Center for Scientific Research (France), also delivered lectures for the summer school participants.

"In Europe, summer schools are quite popular among students, and participation in summer schools is obligatory for PhD students. It was a pleasure to work with participants of this summer school since they were active and asked interesting questions."

Gabriele Ferrini, the invited lecturer of the Renewable Energy summer school (Italy).

In addition to studying, the summer school program included sightseeing tours of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs that allowed participants to explore the cultural capital of Russia.

“For the first time, we are holding a summer school on renewable energy. And for the first step, we set a very high bar. Within this school, we tried to combine the strengths of our and international specialists. The next step is to expand the opportunities for the application of this knowledge. The energy and enthusiasm of our employees, who are willing to participate in this program, allows us to hope that international applicants will grow in interest in this short-term program and the master's program in renewable energy.”

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Student Office