A life-changing experience: ETU "LETI" winter schools

A life-changing experience: ETU

85 students from 24 countries gained topical knowledge at 6 winter schools of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI."

06.02.2020 2147

From January 20 to 31, ETU "LETI" hosted English-taught winter schools for the second time, attended by 85 students from Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Croatia, Egypt, Eritrea, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Romania, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and Yemen.

This year's winter schools were held in 6 areas: Biomedical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Laser and Optical Measurements, Intercultural Communication in Business, Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and the Internet of Things, and Gems of Russian Culture in the Russian Language.

School participants studied communication styles according to the spiral dynamics theory and the principles of creating a successful business strategy within the intercultural communication in business program; took master classes in prototyping in biomedical engineering; learned to program and develop algorithms for robots; studied the design and operation of solar power plants; mastered laser interferometric technologies for structural analysis of materials, and learned about the main milestones of history and gems of Russian culture.

However, the students did not spend the two weeks studying only; they had a cultural immersion program as well. On the first day, the school participants visited the museum-apartment of Alexander Popov, the inventor of the radio, the first elected director of the Electrotechnical Institute, to learn more about the history of the university. During the sightseeing tour around the city, students got acquainted with the world-famous sights of the Northern Capital. Also, guests visited the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Fabergé Museum, as well as the magnificent Tsarskoe Selo palace and park ensemble and the medieval castle of Vyborg.

"For the second winter in a row, we welcome students from all over the world within our international home of ETU "LETI" and with great pleasure help them discover Russia, the city of St. Petersburg, and our multifaceted university. For us it's not just short-term schools - it's also an opportunity to share new developments in the university's priority areas and tell about possible programs for further education in Russia. We do not stand still and every season we open and offer something new. This summer, absolutely new programs are waiting for students. The doors of our home are always open".

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of ETU "LETI"

The program ended with an official certification ceremony. Before the event started, Alexandra Kilina, Head of the Preparatory Department for International Students and program coordinator, together with Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Students Office, congratulated the students and wished them well. 

"We are glad that you chose our university. We hope that time here was interesting and useful for you. We wait for you to come again and spread the information about us outside of this university and country".

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Students Office

Coordinators of winter schools were invited to the certification ceremony as well. Yuliya Filippova, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, awarded the participants of the "Intercultural Communication in Business" program certificates of graduation from the school.

"I would like to thank all students for great enthusiasm, involvement in the educational process, ability to share knowledge, and demonstrate great pride in their cultures. Your culture may be a shield that protects your cultural identity or it can become a blind fence that will separate nations. I hope that you learned some knowledge and tips on how to decode cultures, cooperate with representatives of other cultures, and benefit from your knowledge".

Yuliya Filippova, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages

Coordinators of the "Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and the Internet of Things" program Artyom Filatov and Anton Filatov congratulated students on the successful completion of schools.

"Our goal was to look at your learning and learn something from you. It was very interesting to look at you. We saw every part of the educational process. We saw moments when you understood anything and moments when you did not. You think that we taught you, but in fact, you taught us".

Artyom Filatov, Assistant of the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications

Valentina Pukhova, coordinator of the "Renewable Energy" program, Associate Professor of the Department of Photonics; Vladimir Venediktov, lecturer of the "Laser and Optical Measurements" program, Professor of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems; Yulia Bobrova, coordinator of the "Biomedical Engineering" program, Assistant of the Department of Bioengineering Systems, also gave their congratulations to the students.

After the ceremony, students shared their impressions:

"I have already had some experience in the area, but I wanted to improve it. My friend told me about winter schools, and I searched for the best one. I found a lot of information about this course, and people told that it is very good. I decided to go very far, but for something that I will really enjoy. I enjoyed this winter school. I hope I can bring more people from Brazil here because it is a life-changing experience". 

Mendonca Alvaro Alexandre from Brazil, a participant in the "Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and the Internet of Things" program


"I studied electrical engineering in the US, but I think that people like me need intercultural communication skills because not everything in life is so technical. These interpersonal skills can come really useful in the future. I could not have asked for a better experience. The professors were extremely communicative in explaining the main ideas and little details. Things we learned in the class were very practical and what you can put to use in everyday life."

Zhu Bohao from the USA, a participant in the "Intercultural Communication in Business" program

By the organizers’ estimation, winter and summer schools attract students from leading world universities to ETU, increase recognition of the university in the world academic and research community, get the participants acquainted with ETU programs, including Master’s programs in English, as well as to develop cooperation with international partners.

February 3, first began its work a "History of Russian Revolutions: St. Petersburg in 1900 - 1917" winter school at ETU "LETI", which will be attended by students from 9 countries.