XVII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM'2014)

XVII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM'2014) will be held in Saint-Petersburg on the base of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" and St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (FTU) will take place from 21 to 23 of May 2014.


  • Uncertainty in Measurement and Computing. Measures and Scales.
  • Complex Systems Modelling.
  • Probabilistic Methods in Information Processing. Bayesian Approach.
  • Fuzzy sets, approximate approaches and applications.
  • Perspective information technologies and programming environment for complex objects and distribution systems in conditions of uncertainty. Active Internet technologies.
  • Neuro networks, Genetic Algorithms and their Applications.
  • New approaches in Measurement: Intelligent, Fuzzy and Soft
  • Measurement.
  • Intelligent Measurement Systems and Devices.
  • Control of Complex Objects in conditions of Uncertainty.
  • Design Methods and Means for Expert and Decision Support Systems.
  • Applications of Decision Support Systems in Economics and Social Sphere.
  • Ecological Information Systems.
  • Soft Computing application for business processes optimization.
  • Application of Bayesian Intellectual Technologies for Quality Control.
  • Uncernainty & Risks. Risks Management.

Official Language: Russian and English will be official languages of the conference

Procedure of registration for participation in the conference:
Applications for participation in the conference – till March 31, 2014 (by E-mail).
Papers and document for the right of publication in public media - till April 7, 2014
Papers are accepted for publication on condition arrangement fee payment.

Arrangement fee:
Arrangement fee should be transferred till April 7, 2014.
For participants, including the publication of report of 4 pages and accordance of the book of reports - 3000 rubles.
For participants without publication of a report with accordance of the book of reports  - 3000 rubles.
For graduate and postgraduate students - 1200 rubles .

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