69th Science and Technology Conference of SPbNTORES

St. Petersburg organization of Russian public organization "Russian Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications named after A. S. Popov"( SPbNTORES ) holds the 69th Scientific and Technical Conference devoted to the Day of Radio on 17-25 April 2014. Reports reflecting the new theoretical results, engineering developments and practical achievements in the field of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Connection are accepted.

Hearing and discussion of reports on the 13 sections are planned:

1. "Radio Engineering: Theory and Applications";

2 . "Statistical signal processing, radar, radio navigation";

3 . "Digital Signal Processing";

4 . "Information transmission systems";

5 . "Advanced technologies on public communications networks";

6. "Radio and electrical connection for rail transport";

7. "Radio control and regulation of radio-frequency spectrum use";

8. "Television and video technology";

9. "Electronics: processes, technologies, devices and equipment";

10 . "Radio electronics in medicine and biology";

11. "Measurements in Radio electronics and connection";

12. "History of development of radio, electronics and connection";

13. " Scientific and technical translation and theory of translation".

Composition of sections can be supplemented in case of relevant reports entering.

Plenary meeting, devoted to the 155th anniversary of Alexander Popov’s birth, will be held in Kronshtadt on April 17 (Thursday).

Meeting of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Connection History Development section" will be held on April 23, 2014 in Memorial flat of A.S. Popov.

For making presentations with reports and publications in the collection of conference proceedings, it’s necessary to submit materials in the form of brief articles on topics of reports drawn up in accordance with attached requirements, expert conclusions for public media in one copy and information about the authors (place of work or study, position, academic degree and title, contact numbers, postal address, e-mail) not later than 25 February 2013.

The organizing committee is situated in Memorial flat of A. S. Popov on Professor Popov Street, 5, building D (front door with sign of the Museum opposite the entrance to the 5th building of the ETU "LETI"), 3rd floor.

234-59-00 .

Time of the meeting must be agreed  in advance with Deputy Chair of  SPbNTORES Vitaliy S. Gutin (Department of Radio Electronic Facility of the ETU, building 2, room 2304) over the phone: 444-48-20,  346-33-94, 234-46-81, 8-950-008-40-02 .