ETU "LETI" restricts access to the university campus


ETU "LETI" introduces a special work regime for checkpoints as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease.

23.03.2020 54

Following the order of the Rector of 16.03.2020 "On Strengthening Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Disease at ETU "LETI," the university introduces a special work regime for checkpoints.

From March 23, 2020, until the special order, the entrance to the campus is carried out only through checkpoint number 2 (central entrance to the university campus from Professor Popov Street, near Building 5); entrance on vehicle is carried out through checkpoint number 4 (transport gate).

Members of the security team together with employees of the ETU "LETI" health center will control the body temperature of the incoming people at the entrance to the university campus.

University employees who come back after a vacation, business trip, and internships, should inform about a place of the stay to heads of the structural divisions or in the personnel department. In case of return from abroad, employees should go through the procedure of self-isolation within 14 days by calling 112. In case of return from Russian regions with a complex epidemic situation, employees are recommended to conclude an additional agreement on the transition to remote work with retaining their employment functions for 14 days.