Address to dormitory residents of ETU “LETI”

Address to dormitory residents of ETU “LETI”

Rector of ETU “LETI” Viktor Sheludko addresses dormitory residents on the topic of coronavirus.

24.03.2020 73

Dear ETU "LETI" students!

I appeal to all students of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, especially those residing at our dormitories, with concern for your health and safety. In the face of the growing danger of a coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, our goal is to protect ourselves and people around us. We have to minimize all possible risks to safety of other people. The university leadership considers this its main priority.  

To reach this goal, we have switched to distance learning using electronic and digital technologies. This way students can learn without being in direct contact with professors, at a distance. Students should practice social distancing and avoid public gatherings. This is the primary way to minimize the risk of being infected for all of us. Learning from home, from an isolated room or apartment, without contacting other people in public transport. Such contacts are the source of danger in a big city such as Saint Petersburg with a large population, with many people coming from abroad.

My colleagues and I are especially concerned about the safety of students residing at university dormitories. Even the most comfortable and safe dormitory has some overcrowding. Streams of people meet at certain common points, which prevents us from ensuring the required amount of distancing for residents. This fact increases the risk of outbreak and the possibility of such an occurrence is very high. Even the most frequent and meticulous disinfection cannot guarantee absolute safety. Because of such risks, when and if a resident is infected, all the other residents of the building will be quarantined. Which means that their free movement inside and outside the building will be limited. Consequently, if many people are quarantined together, the risk of outbreak increases.

Therefore, we ask all the non-residents of Saint Petersburg living in university dormitories who can leave Saint Petersburg and return home during the epidemic outbreak to consider such an option, and if you can do so, to make a decision to leave. Consider leaving Saint Petersburg at least till May. This is the sensible way that contributes to everybody’s health and safety. You can continue distance learning from any spot in Russia via Internet with no compromise in education quality and with less danger to your personal safety. In this tough time, I guarantee you that the university professors will appreciate your effort and will be happy to see you succeed.

Relocation is not easy and can cost a lot of money. Even now, we promise you that after this though time is over, you will return to your rooms in dormitories. You will have the same living conditions as you have now. While you are absent, you will not be required to pay dormitory fees. We will find a way to support students in a hard situation. I am certain that together we will overcome everything and reach our goal, which is to get educated at ETU “LETI”.

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU “LETI”