Answers to the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus spread prevention

ETU “LETI” administration answers the most frequently asked questions of students and employees about the measures escalated to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus disease.

Distance learning is available only for students who cannot come to St. Petersburg due to quarantine and restrictive measures for the period of these measures. Students with chronic illnesses may apply for distance learning through their student account.

The university administration would like to avoid expulsion and will consider this measure only if absolutely necessary. In any case, the university will help students solve their problems. We will consider each case individually and work with students directly. In case you are unable to come back to the university in time for a valid reason, the university will arrange an adjusted academic schedule. You will also be allowed to continue distance learning until you come back to the university.

For the modules where professors hold laboratory classes using computers, the department teaching this module can decide to allow the students to use the computers remotely. For some modules, professors are preparing electronic instructional materials for LC that have photos and videos depicting the laboratory tests and examples of test record sheets. Using this data and the instructional materials, the students will have to learn how to work with the equipment. They will also have to process the data and draw a report: make calculations, construct graphs, and draw conclusions. When accepting a result, professors will consider all the challenges students have endured.

Since the borders between your country and the Russian Federation are currently closed, you can set an arrival date of 31.08.2021. You will need to arrive in St. Petersburg and begin your classes on the campus as soon as the borders open, and you can buy a ticket to St. Petersburg. When you arrive in St. Petersburg, you will need to log in to your student account in the distance learning application section and click on the "Сообщить о прибытии в СПб" (Report Arrival in St. Petersburg) button.

First, you must submit your application through your student account. Next, you should send the Deputy Dean of your faculty scans of supporting documents:

  1. if there are chronic diseases - a medical certificate;
  2. if there are no tickets - a note from the ticket office;
  3. if borders are closed - confirmation is NOT required;
  4. on self-isolation (after crossing the border) - registration at room D301 on the first working day after arrival in Saint Petersburg, confirmation is NOT required;
  5. illness, quarantine (after contact with COVID-19 patient) - for residents of dormitories, confirmation is NOT required, if the Deputy Dean and/or the health center of ETU "LETI" was notified; for the rest, it is required to present medical certificates after recovery;
  6. other reasons - documents describing the situation that does not allow you to come to St. Petersburg and/or study on the campus.

Contacts for the dean's offices/institutes:

Faculty of Radio Engineering - Alexander Monchak,

Faculty of Electronics - Victor Bessonov,

Faculty of Computer Science and Technology - Andrey Kolpakov,

Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering - Alexander Zubarev,

Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems - Konstantin Bolsunov,

INPROTECH - Zaozerskaya Natalya Ivanovna,

Faculty of Humanities - Olga Zhuravleva,

Institute of Fundamental Engineering Education - Artyom Gryaznov,

Also, you can contact the Educational Program Office -

Please contact your internship supervisor at the department or thesis supervisor to learn changes related to the internship.

No decision has been made yet. Follow announcements and information on the university's official website.

If any dormitory resident tests positive for coronavirus, he or she is going to be hospitalized. If there are any confirmed COVID-19 cases among students, the university will act following the recommendations given by agencies that are working to prevent the outbreak of this virus.

The dormitory might be quarantined in case of an emergency.

Nobody can displace the students from the dormitory without placing them in another home first.

We hope that the quarantine measures continue to be only on paper and are not implemented. The final decision will, for the most part, depend on discipline, responsible attitude, and self-control abilities displayed by students.

If any disease cases are detected in the dormitory, and there is a need for hospitalization, other dormitory residents will be put under observation for 14 or more days. In this case, no one would be able to leave the isolation, and the food would be supplied in a centralized way.

Students will switch from distance learning, according to the schedule:

Date of the switch Year and form of study Learning format
February 08
  • 2nd-year full-time master's students;
  • Part-time students;
  • PhD students.
Blended learning from February 8.
February 15
  • 4th-year full-time bachelor's students;
  • 4th-year full-time specialist students.
Distance learning from February 8 to 13.
Blended learning from February 15.
February 24
  • 1st-year full-time master's students;
  • 5th-year full-time specialist students.
Distance learning from February 8 to 20.
Blended learning from February 24.
March 1
  • 3rd-year full-time bachelor's students;
  • 3rd-year full-time specialist students.
Distance learning from February 8 to 27.
Blended learning from March 1.
March 9
  • 1st- and 2nd-year full-time bachelor's students;
  • 1st- and 2nd-year full-time specialist students.
Distance learning from February 8 to March 6.
Blended learning from March 9.

It is possible to do so. However, you will not be allowed inside, and your roommates and neighbors will have to gather your belongings. It is better to discuss the technicalities with dormitory officials.

The login to the student’s account is the email address, used when creating the account. If a student forgets the password, he or she will have to choose the Password Reset option on the login page. In this case, the password reset message will be sent to the email address used when signing in. A student then puts in the new password and logs in to his or her account. If a student forgets the login information, he or she will have to inform the deputy dean of his or her faculty about the new email address. Deputy Deans can adjust the student’s email address through their accounts and update email information in the system. After that, a student will be able to regain access by the algorithm mentioned before.

You can order such a certificate through your student account or by emailing When ordering the certificate, please indicate whether you would like the digital certificate, or you need the original document, and whether you need a stamp. If you need the original certificate, you can get it in the student office (Building 4, 2nd floor) under three conditions: you must be wearing a mask and gloves and have your own pen (to sign for the certificate).

Please contact

  • to retrieve diplomas;
  • to register duplicate documents on education;
  • to order duplicates of licenses and certificates of accreditation.
  • Please contact

    • to get documents from the personal file of graduates and expelled students;
    • to order certificates (including with a stamped seal).

    When the requested documents are ready, you will receive a call or email (please provide your contact information), and you can arrange a time and place to pick them up.

Yes, students will receive scholarships. Academic scholarships (regular and increased) will continue to be paid.

Dear international students!

Kindly inform you that all international students arriving from abroad have their passes blocked to enter the university.

If your pass is blocked, and you need to enter the university to study or solve migration issues, please go to room D301 (entrance from Prof. Popova str., 5 in the 2nd building next to the main gate) to clarify the situation and unlock the pass.

Working hours: Monday - Friday, from 10.00 to 17.00.

You can also clarify the situation by writing to our email address or by calling 234-35-23.

No, they will go strictly according to schedule.

No decision has been made yet. Follow announcements and information on the university's official website.