ETU “LETI” has launched an interactive video recording studio

ETU “LETI” has launched an interactive video recording studio

At the studio, professors can record lectures and video presentations and hold webinars.

20.03.2020 502

The Department of Television and Video Engineering has launched an interactive video recording studio. It can, among other things, help record lectures to hold remote classes for students who cannot be physically present at the university. If a student is sick, his movement is limited or if he has to miss classes due to some other reason, he can learn by watching lectures recorded at the studio.

The professors from the Department of the Russian Language became the trailblazers by using this innovation. According to them, they were dumbfounded by their first encounter with the technology. However, after a short briefing held by Pavel Baranov, assistant professor at the Department of Television and Video Engineering, they gained confidence pretty quickly. They first take was not ideal, but the second one significantly boosted the confidence of professors. The experience at the studio was pleasant and unforgettable.

The video recording studio invites all university staff to acquaint themselves with new educational technologies and record video courses, webinars and conferences.

Due to the escalation of safe learning measures at higher education institutions since March 16, 2020, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” has switched to e-learning and distance teaching for each education program, degree level and mode of attendance on March 16, 2020. The students will learn on their own using the digital information and educational environment of the university.