Distance learning at ETU “LETI”

Distance learning at ETU “LETI”

ETU “LETI” has switched to distance learning starting from March 16, 2020.

19.03.2020 752

To control the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Russia, Valeriy Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation issued an order on the escalation of safe learning measures at higher education institutions. 

Therefore, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” has switched to e-learning and distance teaching for each education program, degree level and mode of attendance on March 16, 2020. The students will learn on their own using the digital information and educational environment of the university.

Students can learn on their own, from home. Student-teacher interactions will be kept online (student’s account, e-mail, etc.).

ETU “LETI” is not the only university that switched to this learning mode. Almost all Russian universities have adopted this method, which requires the students to try harder at learning. 

Distance learning at ETU “LETI” will be practiced using instructional materials uploaded to the student account (https://lk.etu.ru): 

  • learning materials (lecture notes, textbooks, study guides, practice materials and lab works that could be done at home or other information and reference files);
  • links to online lectures uploaded to the university media library (https://media.etu.ru) and to the university YouTube channel;
  • links to selected online courses at the national platform “Open Education” (https://openedu.ru) and the university online platform LETITeach (https://open.etu.ru);
  • links to digital educational resources uploaded to the digital learning system (http://moodle.eltech.ru/).

ETU "LETI" Library

The ETU library provides remote access to full texts uploaded to digital library systems such as ЛАНЬ (LAN), IBOOKS, ЮРАЙТ (URIGHT), as well as the online library catalog at the library website. You have to register to gain access to the library system. The login and the password are the student's last name and library card number respectively (be careful to input all the character). Students without library cards are allowed temporary access to the online library. To gain temporary access, you should fill out a feedback form, put in “temporary access” and state your name and surname, group number. With any questions concerning the digital library systems, you can reach out to Polina Skleimova, digital library manager (pyskleimova@etu.ru). Questions about website registration can be directed at Alexandra Mikolaychuk, website admin (avmikolaychuk@etu.ru).

According to the order No ОД / 0133 issued by the rector of ETU “LETI” on 16.03.2020, all mass gatherings for university students and staff are temporarily banned. The order also bans visitation of ETU dormitories by any individuals other than students, emergency or supervisory staff. The university administration kindly asks you for your understanding of the measures being taken.

Contact Information

All the questions concerning the learning arrangements in conditions of tightened security can be directed at Deans’ Offices, deputy deans for academic affairs.

Faculty of Radio Engineering +7 (812) 234-25-76
Faculty of Electronics +7 (812) 234-40-63
Faculty of Computer Science and Technology +7 (812) 234-27-46
Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering +7 (812) 234-39-32
Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems +7 (812) 234-30-59
Faculty of Humanities +7 (812) 234-26-18
Institute of Innovative Design and Technological Entrepreneurship +7 (812) 346-29-24

To receive any explanations, you can contact the education and administration department of the university via uop_mail@etu.ru.

International students can contact the International Students Office via phone +7 (812) 234-35-53 or e-mail 2343553@mail.ru.

Any questions concerning the current epidemiological situation can be directed to the coordinator of the task force for coronavirus outbreak prevention at ETU “LETI” Elena Malchikova (coronavirus@etu.ru). Alternatively, you can call the following hotline: +7 (812) 346-44-50.

To receive regular updates, visit your student account or the university website.