XXI International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements SCM’2018

The XXI International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM'2018) will take place on May 23 – 25, 2018 at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (ETU).

Topics of the Conference

  • Uncertainty in Measurement and Computing. Measures and Scales.
  • Complex Systems Modeling.
  • Probabilistic Methods in Information Processing. Bayesian Approach.
  • Fuzzy Sets, Approximate Approaches and Applications.
  • Perspective Information Technologies and Programming Environment for Complex Objects and Distributed Systems under uncertainty. Active Internet Technologies.
  • Neuro Networks, Genetic Algorithms and their Applications.
  • New Approaches in Measurement: Intelligent, Fuzzy and Soft Measurement.
  • Intelligent Measurement Systems and Devices.
  • Control of Complex Objects under Uncertainty.
  • Design Methods and Means for Expert and Decision Support Systems.
  • Applications of Decision Support Systems in Economics and Social Spheres.
  • Ecological Information Systems.
  • Soft Computing Application for Business Processes Optimization.
  • Application of Bayesian Intellectual Technologies for Quality Control.
  • Uncernainty & Risks. Risks Management.


Conference organizers

  • IEEE Russia North West Section
  • Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI»


International Program Committee

  • Honorary Program Chairman - Prof. L. A. Zadeh, USA
  • Chairman - Prof. V.M. Kutuzov, Russia
  • Co-chairmen – Prof. S.V. Prokopchina, Russia ; Dr. A.N. Averkin, Russia



  • Member of RAS G. B. Kleiner, Russia
  • Prof. O. Aumala, Finland
  • Prof. I. A. Brusakova, Russia
  • Prof. C. Carlsson, Finland
  • Prof. T. B. Chistyakova, Russia
  • Prof. D. Dubois, France
  • Prof. I. V. Gerasimov, Russia
  • Prof. A. K. Kerimov, Azerbaijan
  • Prof. V. G. Knorring, Russia
  • Prof. M. S. Koupriyanov, Russia
  • Prof. V. M. Kureichik, Russia
  • Prof. J. Nazarko, Poland
  • Prof. V. Novak, Czech Republik
  • Prof. G. Resconi, Italy
  • Prof. L. Reznik, USA
  • Prof. V. N. Sheludko, Russia
  • Dr. M. Yu. Shestopalov, Russia
  • Dr. S.O. Shaposhnikov, Russia
  • Prof. M. Sugeno, Japan
  • Prof V. B. Tarasov, Russia
  • Prof. B. I. Turksen, Canada
  • Prof. B. V. Paliukh, Russia
  • Prof. Yu. P. Pytjev, Russia
  • Prof. L. V. Utkin, Russia


Organizing Committee

  • Chairman - Dr. M. Yu. Shestopalov, Russia
  • Vice Chairman: Dr. S. O. Shaposhnikov, Russia


Members of Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. S.O. Shaposhnikov, Russia
  • Dr. M. Yu. Shestopalov, Russia
  • Dr. L. S. Zvyagin, Russia
  • Dr. A. D. Stotckaia
  • Dr. E.E. Kotova
  • O.N. Zhuravleva, Russia


Russian and English are the official languages of the conference.


Important dates for participation in the Conference

Applications for participation in the Conference – till February 23, 2018.

Full Paper Submission: March 9, 2018

Notification of Paper Acceptance: March 30, 2018

Final Paper Submission: April 20, 2017


Contacts and address of the Organizing Committee

197022, Saint-Petersburg, Prof. Popov str., 5, ETU “LETI”, Information Center for Advertising and Exhibition Activities.

Phone: +7 (812) 346-46-37

E-mail: IRVC.eltech@mail.ru


Instructions for Authors