III International Conference on Control in Technical Systems CTS'2019

The III International Conference on Control in Technical Systems (CTS'2019) will take place on October 30 – November 1, 2019 at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» (ETU “LETI”), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Topics of the Conference

  • Theory of Automatic Control;
  • Theory of Systems and System Analysis;
  • Programming of Real-time Systems;
  • Design of Distributed Control Systems for Dynamic Objects;
  • Adaptive and Optimal Control Systems;
  • Fault Tolerant Control Systems;
  • Identification of Control Objects;
  • Administration in Information Systems;
  • Situational Control;
  • Information Technologies and Knowledge Representation;
  • Automated Control Systems for Technological Processes;
  • Automated Information and Control Systems and Complexes;
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Control Systems;
  • Computer Technologies in Control.


  1. Modern methods of control in technical systems
  2. Modeling of complex control systems
  3. IT in Education
  4. Methods of information processing control
  5. Robotic systems and complexes

Russian and English are the official languages of the conference.

The Conference Proceedings will be published digitally on USB and distributed among the participants at the opening of the Conference.

The Conference Proceedings will be submitted for inclusion into the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


  • IEEE Russia North West Section.
  • Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI».

International Program Committee


  • Prof. Vladimir G. Peshekhonov, Member of RAS (Russia)
  • Prof. Viktor N. Sheludko (Russia)

Deputy Chairs:

  • Prof. Rafael M. Yusupov, Corr. Member of RAS (Russia)
  • Dr. Ivan I. Holod (Russia)
  • Dr. Yuriy V. Sentyabryov (Russia)


  • Dr. Semion D. Altshul (Russia)
  • Prof. Oleg V. Beliy (Russia)
  • Prof. Alexey A. Bobtsov (Russia)
  • Prof. Gennady E. Veselov (Russia)
  • Prof. Igor A. Kalyaev, Corr. Member of RAS (Russia)
  • Prof. Valeriy M. Lohin (Russia)
  • Prof. Viktor V. Luchinin (Russia)
  • Prof. Reinhard Langmann (Germany)
  • Dr. Vladimir L. Rastrygin (Latvia)
  • Prof. Edgar Ya. Rapoport (Russia)
  • Prof. Boris Ya. Sovetov (Russia)
  • Prof. Oleg A. Stepanov (Russia)
  • Prof. Viktor A. Tupik (Russia)
  • Prof. Lev V. Utkin (Russia)
  • Prof. Nikolay B. Filimonov (Russia)
  • Prof. Tamara B. Chistyakova (Russia)
  • Prof. Viktor V. Putov (Russia)
  • Dr. Sergey O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)
  • Dr. Mikhail Yu. Shestopalov (Russia)
  • Dr. Tatiana Minav (Finland)
  • Dr. Jani Heikkinen (Finland)
  • Prof. Alexander A. Yuzhakov (Russia)

Organizing Committee


  • Prof. Viktor V. Luchinin (Russia)

Deputy Chair:

  • Dr. Mikhail Yu. Shestopalov (Russia)


  • Dr. Yuriy A. Korablev (Russia)
  • Dr. Elena E. Kotova (Russia)
  • Dr. Dmitry I. Kaplun (Russia)
  • Dr. Anastasia D. Stockaya (Russia)
  • Olga N. Zhuravleva (Russia)

Information for Authors

Procedure for the registration to the Conference

Until August 1, 2019 - participants register to the Conference. Please use the Registration Form and sent it to irvc.eltech@mail.ru.

Until September 9, 2019 - the authors submit papers. Full papers should be sent to irvc.eltech@mail.ru.

The papers must follow Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings.

The paper file name should be: the name of the author who will present the paper at the Conference_ the first word of the paper title (e.g. Petrov_Problems.doc).

Please mind that the paper volume should not exceed the limit of 4 pages.

Until September 18, 2019 - submitted papers will undergo peer review. The Program Committee will inform authors on acceptance/rejection of papers for presentation and publication.

Until September 25, 2019 - after receiving confirmation of paper acceptance, authors should pay the Conference fee and send a scanned copy of the payment confirmation to irvc.eltech@mail.ru.

Until October 9, 2019 - please send an e-mail confirmation of the arrival of speakers and co-authors to the Conference to irvc.eltech@mail.ru.

The Program and Organizing committees reserve the right to reject the application for participation in the conference.

Required Files

Conference fee for participants who are not citizens of the Russian Federation - 200 euro.

Attention! Payment of the Conference fee should be made only after confirmation of paper acceptance received from the Program Committee. No payment return is possible!

Requisites for banking transfer will be sent via e-mail after the Organizing Committee confirms the acceptance of the paper for presentation and publication.


We recommend to get the Visa support letter from the hotel. Such letters are usually provided by the hotel after booking a room. This service is free in some hotels and paid inothers (about $ 25). The beginning of summer is the high touristic season in St. Petersburg, so we recommend you to book a hotel room as soon as possible.

It is better to choose hotels located within the walking distance from the University.

The distance from these hotels to the University is about 15 minutes walk.
Hotel "Saint Petersburg" is located a little farther (about 40 minutes walk).


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