7th National University Conference with International Guests “Current Issues in Linguistics (CIL)”

7th National University Conference with International Guests
“Current Issues in Linguistics (CIL)”
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU “LETI”),
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


April 17th and 18th, 2018
Call deadline: 02-Apr-2018

Call for Papers

The purpose of the 7th National University Conference CIL is to provide its participants with a platform to exchange the latest research results in the field of linguistics. Faculty, students as well as research groups are invited to present their papers and share their views on current issues in linguistics.

Types of presentation: panel discussion, research-based or practice-oriented presentation, workshop;

Working languages: Russian and English.

Please choose from the following strands when submitting your paper:

    • Historical, Comparative and Typological Linguistics;
    • Structural Linguistics and Language Models in Cognitive and Semantic Aspects;
    • Functional Linguistics, Discourse Theory and Text Linguistics.

    • Contact Linguistics and Interaction of Languages;
    • Theoretical and Practical Issues of Intercultural Communication;
    • Translation and Interpretation as a skill and science.

    • Current Issues in Phonosemantics.

    • Problems of studying and teaching Russian as the first and second language

We would like to invite you to take part in our linguistic workshops (the topics will be announced later) and an academic competition on linguistic issues.

Conference Information

The 7th National University Conference “Current Issues in Linguistics (CIL)” is organized by Foreign Languages Department of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU “LETI”).

The Organizing Committee

Head of the Organizing Сommittee - Vladimir Kutuzov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Rector of ETU "LETI".

Vice-chairmen of the Organizing Committee:

Nina Gigauri, PhD., Dean of the Faculty of Humanities; Andrey Shumkov, Doctor of Linguistics, Head of Foreign Languages Department; Tatiana Shulzhenko, Deputy Head of Foreign Languages Department.

Members of the Organizing Committee: Olga Zhuravleva, PhD., Deputy Head of Foreign Languages Department; Olga Preobrazhenskaya, PhD, Associate Professor; Natalia Stepanova, PhD, Assistant Professor; Maria Flaksman, PhD, Senior Lecturer; Eugenia Zubkova, Teaching Assistant; Alexandra Sopina, Teaching Assistant; Lyubov Ulyanitskaya, Teaching Assistant.

Submission Guidelines and Formatting Requirements:

1. Authors are requested to submit their papers and application forms before April 2nd, 2018.

2. All papers have to be written in DOC or DOCX format, using Microsoft Office Word, without footnotes, graphs, drawings and listings. Links to literature sources are to be specified in square brackets.

2.1 Margins: top and bottom – 2 cm each; left – 3 cm, right – 1,5 cm each;

2.2 Font: "Times New Roman"; font-size: 14 pt; font-style: regular;

2.3 Paragraph: single line spacing; spacing before: 1 cm; alignment: justified.

Please note that papers will not be edited by the Organizing Committee.

Please specify the following information on separate lines before the text: last names, initials of the authors; name of the organization, e-mail address [left alignment, without spacing, an empty line] and the title of the paper [center alignment, without spacing]; "Times New Roman" font, 14-pt size, single spacing. Papers have to be minimum 5 and maximum 7 pages long.

3. The papers and application forms are to be sent by e-mail to leticonf@gmail.com

The Conference Proceedings will be sent to the authors in the electronic form just after the Conference.


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