2018 IEEE Northwest Russia Conference on Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Technology (ММEТ NW 2018)

2018 IEEE Northwest Russia Conference on Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Technology

(ММEТ NW 2018)

September 10-14, 2018

St. Petersburg, Russia

Working languages of the Conference: English and Russian

Conference organizers:

  • St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)
  • St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
  • St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • IEEE Russia North West Section


International Program Committee

Prof. YuryGULYAEV, AcademicianRAS, Russia- chairman

Prof. Andrey SHEVCHIK, Russia - vice chairman

Prof. Igor PLEVE, Russia - vice chairman



Dr. Valery BELAKHOV, Israel

Prof. Cristian KOHLERT, Germany

Dr. Michael KOHLERT, Germany

Prof. Gunter REINIG, Germany

Prof. Vladimir RESHETILOVSKY, Germany

Prof. Martin SEAMUS, Ireland

Dr. Pavel VLASАK, Czech Republic

Prof. Alexander ANDRYUSHIN, Russia

PhD. Natalya ARISTOVA, Russia

Prof. Tamas GARTMAN, Russia

Prof. Valentin BALAKIREV, Russia

Prof. Victor GUROV, Russia

Prof. Anatoly KARPENKO, Russia

Prof. Alexander LOMOV, Russia

Prof. Vladimir LYSAK, Russia

Prof. Georgy MARTINOV, Russia

Prof. Valery MESHALKIN, Russia

Prof. Dmitry NOVIKOV, Russia

Prof. Vladimir PAVLOVSKY, Russia

Prof. Boris POKUSAEV, Russia

Prof. Andrey PROLETARSKY, Russia

Prof. Alexander REZCHIKOV, Russia

Prof. Andrey RONZHIN, Russia

Prof. Andrey TVARDOVSKY, Russia

Dr. Evgeny TROFIMENKO, Republic of Belarus

Prof. Evgeny TYRTYSHNIKOV, Russia

Prof. Nikolay FILIMONOV, Russia

Prof. Tamara CHISTYAKOVA, Russia

Prof. Valentin SHARNIN, Russia

Dr. Sergey SHAPOSHNIKOV, Russia

Dr. Mikhail SHESTOPALOV, Russia

Dr. Alibek YUSUPBEKOV, Uzbekistan


Organizing Committee:

Prof. Alexander BOLSHAKOV, Russia – chairman

Prof. Mikhail STEPANOV, Russia - scientific secretary


Members of Organizing Committee:

Prof. Boris SOKOLOV, Russia

Dr. Olga REMIZOVA, Russia

Ms. Olga Zhuravleva, Russia

Ms. Inna NOVOZHILOVA, Russia


Conference sections:

  1. Qualitative and numerical methods for investigation of differential and integral equations.
  2. Optimization, automation and optimal control of technological processes.
  3. Mathematical modeling of technological and social processes.
  4. Mathematical modeling and optimization problems in CAD, additive manufacturing, digital manufacturing.
  5. Mathematical methods in problems of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, materials, avionics and space.
  6. Mathematical methods and intellectual systems in robotics and mechatronics.
  7. Mathematical methods in medicine and biotechnology.
  8. Mathematical methods in Economics and the Humanities.


Conference venue:

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)

Moskovsky prospect, 26, St.Petersburg, 190013, Russia

Students and young professionals are cordially invited to submit their papers.


Important dates:

Abstract registration deadline:                                           March 19, 2018

Paper acceptance notification:                                           April 30, 2018

Full Paper (in English), Copyright Form, etc.

submission deadline:                                                                       May 31, 2018

Notification of Paper Acceptance                                     June 14, 2018


Full instructions on Paper Preparation will be sent to authors after registration and acceptance of abstracts.

Accepted and presented at the Conference regular papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference.

The Conference papers will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library https://www.ieee.org.


For more information please contact:

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)

Prof. Chistyakova Tamara Balabekovna,

Novozhilova Inna Vasilievna:

work. phone / fax: 8-812-494-93-54, mob. phone + 7-905-288-98-62

e-mail: novozhilova@bk.ru,

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”

Dr. Shestopalov Mikhail Yur'yevich,

Zhuravleva Ol'ga Nikolayevna

phone / fax: +7 (812) 346-46-37,

e-mail: IRVC.eltech@mail.ru