Petr Afonin

Petr Afonin

Vice-rector for strategic development

D.Sc., Asocciate Professor, Professor of the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics

Petr Afonin is a specialist in the field of biomedical instrumentation, biomechanics, computer-aided design systems, information customs technologies, criminology, risk management in customs, economics, medicine. In 2000 Petr Afonin – candidate of technical sciences in the specialty "Medical sensors and electrodes", in 2003 – Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty "Biomechanics", in 2004 – Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics and Customs Information Technologies, expert of training courses of the World Customs Organization, OSCE. Petr Afonin has a legal and economic education. For the great contribution to ensuring the economic security of Russia and achievements in the field of international customs cooperation, P. Afonin was awarded state and departmental awards, including certificates of honor of the Head of the FCS of Russia, an honorary badge "Excellence in Customs Service", a medal "Dmitry Bibikov". For his significant contribution to the development of education, he was awarded a diploma by the Governor of St. Petersburg A. Beglov. The results of P. Afonin's scientific works are presented in more than 260 publications indexed on the e-library portal, including 4 patents for inventions of the Russian Federation, more than 10 monographs. Formed educational and methodological support in various branches of science includes more than 10 textbooks, 40 teaching aids. Under the leadership of P. Afonin, large-scale research work and research and development work were carried out by order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, 4 dissertations were defended for the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

The organizational activity of P. Afonin was associated with work in the positions of the head of the department of technical means of customs control, head of the department of informatics and information customs technologies, the performance of the duties of the dean of the faculty of advanced training.

Being an accredited expert of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science for more than 10 years, P. Afonin regularly participates in verification activities in relation to educational organizations in Russia to monitor compliance with legislation in the field of licensing of educational activities. P. Afonin is a member of the doctoral dissertation council in economic sciences.