University today

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" was founded in 1886 and was the first higher educational institution in Europe to specialize in electrical engineering.

Bachelors, masters, and specialists receive training at 7 full-time faculties. At the Open Faculty, bachelors are entitled to part-time and extramural courses.

ETU is preparing students in:

  • Bachelor's degree
    • 19 fields (43 educational programs) of full-time education;
    • 10 fields of part-time education;
    • 4 fields of extramural education.
  • Master's degree
    • 15 fields (53 educational programs) of full-time education, 6 of which in English.
  • Specialist degree
    • 2 specialties of full-time education (4 educational programs).

28 educational programs were recognized as Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2017. The European Association of ENAEE certified 46 educational programs.

Highly qualified scientific personnel receive training in 43 scientific specialties. Currently, 234 graduate students are studying at ETU. The university has 9 dissertation councils in 23 scientific specialties. More than 50 people finish post-graduate study every year.

About 9226 students and postgraduates are studying at ETU at the moment. The university has 3 full members and 5 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 20 laureates of national and international awards, more than 220 professors and doctors of science. University has more than 2,000 graduates on main educational programs annually.

Besides 350 academic laboratories of 7 faculties, research and innovation complex of the ETU includes Technology park, 8 research and educational centers, 3 resource centers, 5 research institutes, Youth Research Institute, and 14 basic departments at specialized enterprises of strategic partners. Technology Park of the University provides a range of business services to 37 small innovative enterprises. More than 2000 teachers, students, and postgraduates work in small businesses of Technology Park annually.

More than 100 high-tech enterprises of industries are strategic partners of ETU. Among foreign partners of the university are 19 large plant facilities, 15 science and research institutes and centers, 160 universities from 75 countries.

In 2013, ETU "LETI" was awarded St. Petersburg Government Educational Services Quality Prize.

The university takes the 8th place among technical universities of Russia and the 2nd place among technical universities of St. Petersburg in the ranking of the demand for universities in Russia. In 2018, ETU took the 5th place among the technical universities of Russia and the 2nd place among the technical universities of St. Petersburg in monitoring the quality of admission to universities. ETU "LETI" takes the 1st place among technical universities of St. Petersburg on monitoring the employment of graduates.