Scientific and technological projects

The priorities of scientific and technological development of the University

Scientific and technological development of ETU «LETI»

Implementation of the strategy

Excellent results: «Diagnostics close to patient»

Personalized medicine using NBIC-technologies for early express diagnostics and treatment of socially significant diseases.

Scientific-educational direction «Biomedical engineering»

The small doze digital X-ray diagnostic complex for neonatology in portable and mobile versions. «Budget» microfocus X-ray computer tomograph.

Excellent results: Carbon electronics

Integrated project «Diamond electronics for extreme applications and operating conditions. Field-effect transistor based in monocrystalline diamond».

Scientific-educational direction «Info- and technosphere»

International project «Сontrolled synthesis of memristor structures based on nanoscale metal oxide compositions by atomic layers deposition».

Civil protection and efficient development of space

Systems and technologies of ecological monitoring and complex object protection. Protection radar of important technology facilities: Passive radar technology. Remotely piloted and unmanned robotized vehicles.

Excellent results: «Terahertz and microwave photonics technologies»

Comprehensive project «Integrated microwave photonics for generation and formation of wideband signals».

Scientific-educational direction «Terahertz and microwave photonics technologies»

Integrated microwave photonics ultra-wide band radio-frequency generators. Theory of tunable multi-ring optoelectronic generators with electric and magnetic tunability created on its basis.

Digital robot-based microproduction

The engineering center «Flexible printed electronics and photonics».