Ergonomic education in LETI: from leadership in Russia to the international arena

Ergonomic education in LETI: from leadership in Russia to the international arena

On September 27-29. 2017 the V International Ergonomic ABERGO conference (The Brazilian ergonomic community) with the assistance of Ergonomic association of the countries of Latin America of ULAERGO and International ergonomic association IEA, in which ETU “LETI” took part, took place in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

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ETU "LETI" was represented by the international representative of Interregional public organization "Ergonomic Association" (MEA), the graduate ETU of 2008, the invited teacher of the university Alexander Volosyuk. At the conference Alexander delivered  the report "Ergonomics in Russia: history, current situation and perspectives".

"The interregional ergonomic association, which I represent abroad, exists since 1995. It’s main objective is combining of all experts in ergonomics and related fields of a human factor ­­– engineering psychology, psychology of work, usability working in different regions of Russia. In our country ergonomic education is carried out only in two higher education institutions – LETI and Moscow polytechnical university, and, as LETI graduate, I am interested in advancing my Alma Mater in this area," 

graduate of LETI Alexander Volosyuk.

Also within the V International Ergonomic ABERGO conference the second official meeting of BRICSplus Network – Networks of ergonomic communities of the countries of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa) took place. There the final version of charter structure was agreed. The decision to create BRICSplus Network was made at a meeting in National Tsing Hua University (Beijing) in December, 2016. There the representatives of all five countries of BRICS signed the agreement on mutual understanding. One of the main ideas of this union is creation of joint educational programs for Ergonomics direction of higher education institutions of BRICS countries. Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Engineering, professor of Department of information systems of LETI Pavel I. Paderno was offered to head the working group from Russia.

Official creation of BRICSplus Network will be officially announced on the XX Congress of the International Ergonomic association, which will take place in Florence (Italy) on August 26-30, 2018. Alexander Volosyuk will become a presidium member of BRICSplus Network and will represent LETI and MEA at the Congress.

During the visit to Brazil in September-October A. Volosyuk also met representatives of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in particular, head of institute Carlos Baziliu. They discussed the possibilities of cooperation between LETI and UFRJ , as well as with heads of educational programs of COPPE UFRJ institute. Alexander also delivered a  lecture for graduate students of Escola Politécnica UFRJ. Result of the negotiations was the offer from one of the leading higher education institutions of Brazil to sign the agreement on scientific and academic cooperation between LETI and UFRJ.